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Who is the most famous K-pop Idol?

by Palak Goyal

The ranking based on several reports, BTS Jungkook takes the top slot when it comes to the most famous K-pop Idol. He is the most researched K-pop singer globally, along with his numerous achievements across various social media sites. According to the mid-year ranking, BTS’ lead vocalist has the largest search ranking amongst all K-pop singers.

Jungkook has become the most searched Korean pop singer on several search engines over the last few years. Having 69 billion viewings on Tiktok, its hashtag #jungkook is by far the most popular individual hashtag also on the platform.

One of the most retweeted Tweets of 2019 was Jungkook’s “Duh.” He’s really the only individual on the planet with seven tweets in the top 30 highest popular tweeted of all time. Jungkook holds one of most like most-retweeted, most-commented, and also most viewed BTS tweets, as well as the Flawless All-Kill record for it, @BTS tweet account.

Jungkook has the Absolute All-Kill mark on Vlive. His Vlive upon his birthday is by far the most (2.3 billion likes) and also most commented (65 million comments) legitimate on the site, whereas his Vlive on March 7th has been the most (22 million views).

BTS- Jungkook

Jungkook additionally maintains a record of owning one of the most famous K-pop idols fan pages on Facebook (3.1 million followers), the much more researched K-pop idol upon Pinterest (based on US, UK, and Canada trends), as well as the most popular Korean-pop superstar on Tumblr spanning three years in a row.

Jungkook is very well-known outside of the K-pop community and the public. He is frequently included alongside well-known global celebrities, including when he got named in People magazine’s “Sexiest International Man,” which was one of Esquire’s “Most Memorable Personalities,” while one of Grazia France’s 12 Best looking Men during the year 2020. This only adds to his undeniable reputation among K-pop stars.

V as well as Jimin, Jungkook’s teammates, were ranked second or third on Sportskeeda’s ranking of “5 among the most famous K-pop superstars in 2021.” BLACKPINK’s Lisa as well as Jennie, however, came in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

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