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How do I join the BTS army?- Read more details INSIDE

by Ratan Srivastava
BTS army

What an exciting time to become a member of the BTS army! There doesn’t seem to be a day that passes by while supporters are really not given additional reason to rejoice. BTS has built a reputation as among the most globally approachable musicians in history. They’ve always been characterized by the ability to interact with worldwide fans via their excellent presence on social media, but in September 2021, they went a step by further launching Weverse, brand-new supporter communities that serves as an alternate to Daum fancafé.

The BTS army is among the most influential fan groups throughout the globe, including tracks like “Butter” and “Dynamite” being streamed and BTS collaborating alongside McDonald’s. There is even an official fan organization devoted to this K-pop firm’s backing.

ARMYs must have a Weverse membership to join, which includes both the app as well as the Weverse shop. Supporters would also need a PayPal account to make use of the advantages, which include a digital membership. Fans can pick among multiple “tiers” of the authorized fan group through the Weverse app.

The cost of such memberships varies depending just on the tier like some subscription options come with additional benefits. As per Elite Daily, the membership fee varies between $22 to $150, dependent about which plan you select.
These subscription tiers each offer specific add-ons in addition to items in the Weverse shop. Members with a normal membership can access exclusive content from the BTS members on Weverse, such as photos and videos.
These supporters have accessibility to BTS concerts well before codes, which means they are the ARMYs the with best tickets in the house to witness the K-pop group.

There are also possibilities to register for it and engage in unique BTS activities both online and offline. The “ARMY Membership: Merch Pack” includes every one of the standard perks, as well as select merchandise reserved exclusively for such subscribers, and is mailed out 4 times per year. This admirer club is open to members from all over the world.
Supporters of BTS ARMY frequently assist the K-pop group outside the official fan club. This includes commemorating the idols’ birthdays and sometimes even supporting charities dedicated to the pop group.

The BTS ARMY has also been known to set YouTube records. Over 108,200,000 hits in 24 hours, the music video for BTS’ single “Butter” broke the record of most-viewed YouTube music video.

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