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Who is the best dancer in K-pop?

by Ratan Srivastava

Among the most significant components of a K-pop performance is dancing. The more interesting the whole act is, more better the graphics are. Several K-pop stars have spent years developing their skill in order to showcase a more polished version of themselves in the stage. It is part of training that these idols get.

However, there are a few that stick out. Those idols belong to the upper echelon of current K-pop dancers.

1) J-Hope by BTS

J-ability Hope’s to dance is well-known. BTS’s vocalist, rapper, and dancer was really a member of the “Neuron” illegal dance gang. He eventually enrolled in dancing training at the Plug In Music Academy, which was founded by Big Bang’s Seungri.

With his prowess in local dance wars throughout his homeland of Gwangju, the K-pop sensation has won a slew of awards. In 2008, he also won the national dancing competition. J-Hope was overwhelmingly elected as BTS’ dancing leader, and he is always on the lookout for other members to ensure that their performances are flawless.

2) Lisa from BLACKPINK

Lalisa Manoban’s dance abilities are not well described in the text. The 24-year-old will have her own video series called “LILI’s FILM,” in which she does dance routines choreographed by famous choreographers from all over the world.

BLACKPINK’s dance department is overseen by Thai K-pop artists.

On the second and third seasons of both the Chinese idol survival group “Youth With You,” she served as a dancing mentor. Throughout her childhood, she was also a member of a dance squad alongside Got7’s BamBam.

3) Momo by TWICE

Renowned international choreographer Lia Kim described Momo as “one of the top idol dancers inside the industry,” adding, “The dancer is presently a vocalist for the K-POP girl group TWICE.” She is frequently seen leading the group in dance breaks and has also competed within the K-POP idol dance competition “Hit the Stage.”

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