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Who is Jennie dating?

by Ratan Srivastava

G-Dragon and Jennie Kim, two K-pop artists, are said to be dating. The members of BigBang and Blackpink have already been currently dating for over a year, according to South Korean news source Dispatch. They even met together in private at G-penthouse Dragon’s residence in Seoul’s Hannam-dong district, according to the publication.

For further about a decade, they had shared the very same entertainment firm and have collaborated on several projects. Jennie debuted with Blackpink in 2016, after appearing inside the music video for G-single Dragon’s That XX in 2012 and on the song Black from his album Coup d’Etat the following year.

“We can’t confirm anything regarding our artists’ private life,” YG Entertainment, which handles both G-Dragon and Jennie, said in response to the relationship rumours. Please accept our apologies.”

In the K-pop idol scene, dating is frowned upon, with labels requesting that stars keep their personal life discreet. The public disclosure of love relationships, particularly among female celebrities, can have a detrimental influence. Many Blackpink fans united to convey their love to Jennie following the rumours about their connection.

“A lot of people in YG saw their friendship,” sources have told Dispatch. Their relationship is also known to Jennie’s mother. He has her grateful for his considerate attention.”

Jennie was indeed the female lead in G-music Dragon’s video for That XX back in 2012, long before she debuted with Blackpink and created a name for herself in K-pop. She soon drew the attention of more observant K-pop fans as a fresh face in town. Anyone seeking early signs of attachment should pay attention to the MV’s intimate sequences, in which Jennie leans against GD’s shoulder and GD strokes her hair.

The behind-the-scenes film also shows the two of them smiling and getting along very well. Jennie, who was still a 20-year-old trainee at the time, appears hesitant in front of the camera, allowing GD, who is eight years older, to take on the role of mentor.

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