Bollywood Society » How do I find out if Jimmy Page from Hollywood Calif is alive?

How do I find out if Jimmy Page from Hollywood Calif is alive?

by Ratan Srivastava
Jimmy Page

It’s no surprise that Led Zeppelin’s founder and principal musical architect, guitarist Jimmy Page, is still fighting to get out from beneath the shadow cast by the band.

By the time the British band called it quits in 1980, following the death of drummer John Bonham, Zeppelin had surpassed even the Rolling Stones as that of the world’s largest live draw.

The band, which further comprised vocalist Robert Plant as well as bassist-keyboardist John Paul Jones, was regularly panned by critics for its own bombastic attitude and usually insubstantial lyrics.

The band’s most iconic songs, particularly the epic “Stairway to Heaven,” are just as firmly embedded inside the rock psyche as anything written by Lennon as well as McCartney or Bob Dylan.

The nearly terrifying strength of Zeppelin’s folk, rock, as well as a blues-influenced sound set them apart. Zeppelin’s aural onslaught was so overpowering that it’s no surprise that perhaps the band’s presence is mirrored in the works of bands ranging from Jane’s Addiction to Metallica.

The band’s music has remained popular enough for a four-disc box set released in 1990 had become the best-selling CD retrospective of all time, with an estimated 1 million copies sold for over $70 apiece. There will be a second retrospective in the near future.

The page has attempted several times to reestablish his musical stamp on rock, including a 1982 movie soundtrack, two albums, as well as a U.S. tour well with Firm (including Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers), as well as a 1988 solo album as well as tour.

Nothing, though, showed his Zeppelin days’ force and confidence—until now. The page has established a band called Coverdale/Page with vocalist David Coverdale of Whitesnake as well as Deep Purple fame. Their debut album, which will then be released Tuesday by Geffen Records, recaptures much of Zeppelin’s blues-rock force and passion.

You can understand Page’s concern if the rock world has spent more than a decade wondering if he would ever rediscover his former touch.

“I believe everyone passes through with a phase when they’re afraid of losing… that spark,” the guitarist adds, sitting in a West Hollywood hotel room alongside Coverdale.

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