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Will there be a Chicken Run 2?

by Ratan Srivastava
Chicken Run 2

Early in the year 2000, when boy bands dominated the globe, everyone had been struggling to sort out how the internet worked, and computer-animated movies were just getting started, there’s been one animation company defying the trend with a fury. Aardman had established a name for itself with the previous decade with a series of critically acclaimed and funny short films starring Wallace and Gromit, a cheese-loving British man and his anthropomorphic dog. Chicken Run, the studio’s first feature picture, was co-financed and distributed by DreamWorks. The question that arrives in our mind is that will there be a Chicken Run 2? Read on to know the answer to this query.

Chicken Run, set in the very same stop-motion, claymation manner as Aardman’s films, follows a hen called Ginger (Julia Swahala) as well as a rooster named Rocky (Mel Gibson) as they try to free themselves as well as their feathered comrades from becoming converted into mince pies by the Tweedys, the proprietors of the property.

Because the Wallace and Gromit shorts had just a tiny cult status inside the United States at the time, viewers might be excused for having low expectations for Chicken Run. However, the $45 million films went on to gross $225 million worldwide, owing to its soul, slapstick humour, even unexpected levels of gripping action.

Chicken Run is still the highest-grossing stop-motion animated movie of all time, and that we’ve long been curious as to why this popular and profitable film never had a sequel.

We won’t be surprised anymore. On June 23, 2020, exactly 20 years after the premiere of the first film, Netflix and Aardman confirmed via Twitter that Chicken Run 2 would be in the works, with shooting set to start early 2021. To suggest we’re eggs-cited is an exaggeration; to state we’re eggs-static would be much more true.

For such time standing, there’s not much definite available information, as well as the sequel film is still a long way off, so here’s all we understand regarding Chicken Run 2.

When will Chicken Run 2 be released?

We can only conjecture about when Chicken Run 2 will be released on Netflix because it hasn’t yet begun production and also no official premiere date has been established.

Even if production on Chicken Run 2 begins in early 2021, we don’t anticipate it to be finished before the middle of 2022. Stop-motion animation is much more time-consuming than traditional animation. Consider so each frame of the movie should be filmed separately, with every plasticine model changed ever-so-slightly between every frame; about 24 frames equals one measly second of the movie (via National Film Board of Canada).

Working in this manner, it took the animators of the original film full days to create just a few seconds of video; with a little arithmetic, we can estimate that about one minute of footage might be created every week. Given that Chicken Run was only a little over 80 minutes long, a year-long production for the sequel would be a stretch.
Despite said all that, Netflix appears to prefer fast turnaround periods, and Aardman ought to be capable of keeping up with Netflix including its two decades of added experience while making Chicken Run.

There seem to be a lot of unknowns here, however, we anticipate Chicken Run 2 arriving on Netflix about Christmas 2022. However, you should bookmark this page since we’ll update that with an official release date as quickly as one is announced.

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