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What are the top reasons to view the timeless classic action Dhoom 2?

by Ratan Srivastava
Dhoom 2

As moviegoers, we’ve seen how, following the phenomenal success of the first film in a series, the second instalment typically falls short of the audience’s demands. A movie’s opening act is seldom better than all the rest of the movie. Dhoom 2 by YRF showed to be the exception.

Well with the Dhoom series of movies, Yash Raj Films handed India its largest franchise. Dhoom 2 was directed by Sanjay Gadhvi and premiered 14 years ago. Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, and Uday Chopra were among the cast members of the successful movie. Dhoom 2 was recognised for its action-packed scenes, chart-topping tunes, and Hrithik and Aishwarya’s incredible dance routines.

The Dhoom series is a fairly standard chor-police drama that Indian audiences are accustomed to watching upon that big screen. But that’s the additional glitz and shine that sets it apart. Of course, Dhoom 2, which was released on November 24, 2006, seemed to have the needed tadka that we’ve had a sample of it in the first chapter, but still, it outperformed the prior film.

The crowd was caught off guard by the ultimate twist. Dhoom 2 is indeed a movie that established the high-speed motorbike craze in India. Dhoom 2 still seems to be worth seeing from beginning to end. It’s one of the very few movies in which the adversary outlasts the two protagonists.

Nonetheless, that, unlike the predecessor, the film focused on a con man rather than a skilled biker turned robber. Hrithik Roshan is fantastic as Mr A, and Aishwarya Rai is fantastic as the female protagonist. Aishwarya was assigned a pivotal role in the storey. Dhoom 2 sparkles much brighter with improved tunes and explosive choreography.

Check out the top reasons to watch Dhoom 2, 14 years later-

The ensemble cast for Dhoom 2!

Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Hrithik Roshan, and Bipasha Basu were among the cast members of Dhoom 2. Aditya Chopra, the writer and producer, and Vijay Krishna Acharya, the dialogue writer, introduced new personalities to compete with police partners Jay Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra).

The Best Dancing Songs!

A few of the finest songs from Dhoom 2 may be heard at a concert or in a club. Shiamak Davar choreographed the majority of the tracks in the movie. Dhoom Again, Crazy Kiya Re and Dil Laga Na are three of the movie’s greatest tracks, which controlled the charts for a while.

The Abhishek-Uday partnership!

Jai Dixit and his companion Ali are the only pair who have survived every incarnation of the movie. The personalities have left an imprint on their respective careers, particularly Uday’s. Uday alone has appeared in five movies since the initial in 2004, two of which were parts of the Dhoom franchise. Dhoom (2004) was a defining moment in Abhishek’s career because he was finally acknowledged for their skills.

Up on-screen chemistry between Hrithik and Aishwarya!

The movie’s coupling of Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai was indeed a breath of new air. Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai collaborated for the first time in this movie. This on-screen rapport was so well received that they co-starred in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Jodhaa Akbar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzzarish almost back-to-back following Dhoom 2 but in very multiple positions.

The seat’s tip Boom!

What do you believe the essential elements of a great action film are? There have been some low pursuit chases, nail-biting situations, and convincing fight scenes in this film. Dhoom 2 has everything in the correct proportions. Those nail-biting sequences and superb implementation made an unforgettable impression in the minds of viewers, whether it was Hrithik’s maiden robbery in Namibia or taking a gem from the Mumbai gallery.

Abhishek and Uday Chopra (Ali) are on the hunt for a thief who is doing a string of impossible robberies in a short amount of time. But, unfortunately for them, this man is unstoppable. From the start, the audience was engrossed in this never-ending cat-and-mouse pursuit.

The character of Hrithik Roshan!

Hrithik Roshan had previously played boy-next-door characters in films such as Lakshya, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Yaadein, and Mujhse Dosti Karoge. But everything changed with Dhoom 2. The villain, played by Hrithik Roshan, was just so calm and attractive until he completely eclipsed the nice man.

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