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Pyare Mohan: All you need to know about this Bollywood Movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Pyare Mohan

Pyare Mohan is a comedic thriller film from Bollywood that was released in 2006. Fardeen Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Esha Deol, Amrita Rao, and Boman Irani appear in the film. The movie is partially based just on the 1989 Hollywood film See No Evil, Hear No Evil, which inspired Hindi movies Hum Hain Kamaal Ke, Eka Peksha Ek, Tollywood Andipatti Arasampatti, and Kannada movies Akka Pakka and Baduku Jataka Bandi.

The plot of the movie

The film begins with the death of a notorious don named Tony. Therefore the film focuses on Pyare (Fardeen Khan), who’s really blind as well as Mohan (Vivek Oberoi) who’s really deaf now since those who fulfil a serious accident. Both are buddies who appear to be content with their disabilities, yet they both want the love of a female who would accept them as they are. They finally run across two siblings, Preeti (Esha Deol) and Priya (Amrita Rao). The males fall in love with them and start to fantasise about spending their lives with ladies. However, the girls have had the opposite response and regard them merely as acquaintances; as they inquire as to why they do not really love them, they are informed that it is due to their impairments. As a result, the girls go for Bangkok, despite their infirmities, because they have a gig there.

An anxious traveller on the aircraft believes the jet might be about to crash owing to turbulence.

He then proceeds to testify to a priest (Firoze Irani) regarding his flight from India plus his identity as a mafia don that staged his untimely demise. The audience knows that he’s still the Don Tony who’d been meant to perish at the start of the film. Preeti and Piya are seated close to the priest. As the instability subsides, Tony is hesitant to inform the priest about his plans, but the plane soon stabilises, and Tony is afraid that the priest will expose his actual identity, so he murders the priest in Airport, blaming Preeti and Priya. They are being held in a Bangkok jail on charges of murder. But their uncle is powerless to help them.

When Pyare and Mohan learn of the arrest, they rush to Bangkok to save them. They quickly flee with the girls, but Tony employs his brother Tiny and a gang of thugs to pursue them. They are also being pursued by the police. Tony grows irritated with his brother Tiny after several risky scenes and murders him because he is dumb.

Pyare, Mohan, Preeti, and Priya flee the police and wear Tony after they learn that they may be deported from Bangkok. Tony discovers their effort to flee and chases them down.

Tony attempted to attack the girls by hitting containers at Pyare and Mohan with a baseball bat, although he is unable because Pyare and Mohan defend them. Pyare and Mohan pass unconscious after the bottes runs out. Tony now takes the ladies in his arms and tries to hit them with both the bat. Pyare then becomes aware of his surroundings and utilises the watch to awake and locate Mohan. The two immediately track down Tony and begin pummeling him severely. When a bullet fired, they were just about to deliver the final blow. Tiny, who is still alive, has been apprehended by the cops. He was transported to the hospital in a timely manner and informed the police regarding his brother’s plans. Tony is then taken into custody.

They stumble across Preeti and Priya when doing so, who informs them that love them and would like to marry those.

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