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Top 10 movies of 2022 so far

by Ratan Srivastava

The year so far hasn’t been your typical each and every day year at the movies. Release dates have continued to change, and the slate of major new releases is still a bit lighter than normal. Now let’s look at the top ten movies of 2022 so far.

Here are our top picks for the year-

10. Hit the Road

Panah Panahi, an Iranian filmmaker, has had a bittersweet 2022: not only did the country’s oppressive regime sentence his father, the legendary auteur Jafar (The White Balloon), to six years in prison, but it also marked the release of his debut film, a seductive but subtly turbulent family drama set on the country’s dusty highways. And what a debut it is; it’s full of biting comedy and social commentary on rural modern life, and six-year-old Rayan Sarlak gives a standout performance as the mischievous kid in the backseat of his family’s SUV. Although it’s impossible to avoid drawing analogies to Little Miss Sunshine, Hit the Road’s ending has a much greater overall impact.

9. Vikram Vedha

The movie also serves as a lesson on how to maintain your composure in a two-hero movie when audience reaction might go anyway. The confidence Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan have in their acting abilities is what gives them their charm. There is never a need to take things lightly or to accomplish more. Hrithik, in his role as Vedha, serves as a reminder of why we were initially drawn to him. He communicates a lot with his eyes, his facial emotions, and his body language throughout the majority of the crucial sequences. For his part, he practically acts as a conduit for the words that have been penned.

8. Elvis

Despite the trailers giving it a rather hammy appearance, Baz Luhrmann’s homage to the King ends up being a mesmerizing and hip-shaking event. Is it occasionally too extravagant? Yup. Are the maximalist aesthetics too much to take in over the course of 2.5 hours? Sure. Does Colonel Parker, played by Tom Hanks, look like he may melt if he came into touch with the nearest bright light? That also Nevertheless, despite its limitations, Elvis is a compelling evening at the movies: a more-is-more mashup of song, history, and Presley pilgrimage that is illuminated by the magnificent Austin Butler.

7. Benediction

In a biography that manages to be both heartbreakingly sad and PG Wodehouse-funny, Terence Davies gives Great War poet Siegfried Sassoon a moving, flawlessly staged treatment. While Jack Lowton steals the show as the younger version of the once-closeted gay writer who tries to find himself amidst the swarming gadflies of London’s post-war social scene, Peter Capaldi plays the writer in his elder, jaded years. When Sassoon is arrogantly told that his poetry “has gone from the sublime to the detailed,” the writing is bayonet sharp. Benediction is just more evidence of how masterful Davies’ filmmaking is.

6. Everything Everywhere All at Once

There is a small, devoted group out there that consider Swiss Army Man to be an underappreciated classic. For the rest of us, this high-concept multiverse sci-fi serves as the first legitimate example of what the Daniels’ filmmaking talents are capable of. Everything Everywhere All At Once delivers exactly what the title says and sends you spinning across time and space in spectacular manner, with Michelle Yeoh jumping from laundry owner going through marital turmoil to action star and back again, and then into a plethora of other escapades.

5. The Worst Person in the World

The heart and soul of this heartwarming and creative depiction of one millennial life that plays out over several years in Oslo belongs to Norwegian actress Renate Reinsve. Her medical student-turned-writer is a fantastic representation of the doubts and ambiguities of early adulthood: a whole mix of competing goals, times of directionlessness, and emotional rawness that seems endlessly real. She is certainly not the worst person in the world. And her breathtaking sprint across a metropolis that has been frozen in time may be the best cinematic moment of the year thus far.

4. The Northman

‘A widescreen rallying cry for cinema in the age of streaming. So read Time Out’s admittedly fairly breathless appraisal of Robert Eggers’ brilliant, blood-soaked Viking epic when it landed in (smashed into? Ransacked?) cinemas in April. But the sentiment stands, because in an age increasingly dominated by streaming sites, The Northman is a useful reminder that the place to witness the grandest, boldest cinematic visions is on the biggest screen possible – and unless you live in an IMAX, that won’t be in your front room.

3. RRR

The OTT epics made by Telugu director SS Rajamouli are just ridiculously entertaining, which is why he ranks so highly on our list of the 50 coolest directors in the world. And RRR, the third-highest-earning Indian movie of all time, maybe the most entertaining of them all. The “Rs” stands for “rise, roar, and rebel,” concepts that are explored in a Raj-era plot involving British colonization and a kidnapped child that sporadically emerges among all the crazy battle scenes, razzed-up dance routines, exploding trains, and tigers (there are a lot of tigers). It serves as the ideal introduction to Telugu action cinema’s highs.

2. Top Gun: Maverick

The heart and soul of the film come from Tom Cruise’s ace pilot, who also does incredible fighter aircraft moves that appear to violate every rule of physics in the book. But in this one, the book is thrown out very early (literally) in order to remake the so-called legacy sequel into something that surpasses cheap Hollywood.

1. Licorice Pizza

With this nostalgic excursion to the San Fernando Valley from the 1970s, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, a cocky kid tries to capture the love of a drifting twenty-something. The two standout lead performances by Cooper’son of Philip Seymour’ Hoffman and Alana Haim, some A-list cameos (Bradley Cooper as Hollywood producer-stroke-total maniac Jon Peters), and PTA’s usual godlike touch behind the camera help to keep the teenage-gaze premise from coming across as remotely Porky’s. Licorice Pizza is leading the list of top ten movies.

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