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Prem Pratigyaa: All you should know about the Mithun Chakraborty movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Prem Pratigyaa

Mithun Chakraborty and Madhuri Dixit appear in Prem Pratigyaa, a 1989 Hindi-language romantic drama movie from India. Bapu helmed as well as Jainendra Jain wrote the script for the movie. The movie was a smash hit and it was based on the Tamil movie Vandichakkaram.

Raja (Mithun Chakraborty) with his buddy Charan (Satish Kaushik) are looking for work in a metropolis. They are taunted and ragged by Kallu Dada after failing to find work (Ranjeet). Raja won that fight when it becomes physical. As a result, Raja takes the role of a local mafia don and begins gathering ransom money from shops.

He also develops an addiction to alcohol. Raja encounters Laxmi (Madhuri Dixit) and is drawn to her; he helps her after her father, Mohan, dies away by assisting in his cremation; he helps her again when Kallu and his thugs attempt to molest her; finally, he chooses to let her live to him after the municipality demolishes her hut. He surrenders to his unhealthy habits as a result of her persuasion. They both resolve to marry if matters go well. Just on the wedding day, however, Laxmi’s old sweetheart, a Professor (Vinod Mehra), appears and proposed to her. Furthermore, Raja has been arrested and is being detained for the murder of Kallu.

Bappi Lahiri wrote the movie’s soundtrack, which was inspired by Indeevar’s lyrics.

Audience reviews-

  1. Undoubtedly Mithun Da’s final superb movie Prem Pratigyaa in a starring part. The significant portrayal by such a brilliant actor whose claim to fame was largely owing to the pulp trash he delivered. Madhuri Dixit looked as elegant as ever.
    Even Bappi’s music was a breath of fresh air. Overall, a great bundle for a wide variety of audiences.

2. What a wonderful film..full of emotions and drama. I’m not sure why such films aren’t popular. This film is a work of art. And Madhuri Dixits’ performance is just out of this one from the globe could have done far better performing than Madhuri..she is incredibly flexible. She can play any part in the world to the best of her ability…or even much beyond that. She has a hypnotic quality about her. A must-see film.

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