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Naani: All you should know about this Telugu romantic comedy movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Naani is indeed a romantic comedy film from India that was released in Telugu in 2004. S. J. Surya directed the movie, which features Mahesh Babu as well as Ameesha Patel. The movie is multilingual, featuring A. R. Rahman’s music, and was subsequently filmed in Tamil as New with such a subtly different cast.

Naani is an eight-year-old child who is constantly bothering his mother. His mother chastises him for his actions, such as eating toothpaste or urinating in bed. One day, Naani falls down on the road and is helped by a young woman. In the absence of their parents, Naani’s elder brother intends to see a movie with his friends, and Naani begs to accompany them, which his brother refuses.

Naani, enraged, turns off the electricity, causing a short circuit at the residence. Naani’s mother chastises him and yells at her spouse for having more than one child. This upsets Naani, so he flees his house and jumps into the river. However, he is halted by an elderly gentleman who brings Naani to his home. The elderly gentleman identifies himself as a scientist with his own lab. He insisted on Naani assisting him with his study. accepts, as well as the scientist transforms him into a young man using his research. Practically, Naani begins to live as a young man, but psychologically, he is still a child. He avoids seeing his relatives. Apart from the scientist, his little companion is the only one who knows the truth.

At a park, sees Priya, a girl who previously saved him while he fell to the floor. Naani wipes the dust from her eyes, grins, and walks away. The girl is drawn to him and goes out of her way to find him.

Naani goes to a toy manufacturing firm for a job interview. To comprehend children’s likes, the owner who interviews him asks that he have childhood memories and act like a child. happily accepts the position. The firm is taken over by the owner’s daughter, who happens to be Priya. Priya is delighted to have in her employ. Raj (another employee) is envious of their friendship. defeats Raj’s proposal for a new sort of children’s bed and proposes his own.

Naani runs into his brother, who introduces himself as an unknown guy, and learns that his mother is distraught at Naani’s departure. runs into his mother, who has become unwell. requests that the scientist revert him to his previous state. Naani reconciles with his mother when the scientist agrees. He transforms back into the youthful guy that night, surprising the scientist.

During the day, is an eight-year-old child, and at night, he is a twenty-eight-year-old man (Vichu). Priya declares her love, but Vichu advises her to love a man her age. Vichu is told by the scientist to accept Priya. Priya invites him to a matinée with her.

, a little kid, is unable to appear. While walking home with his mother, he notices Priya angrily waiting for Vichu in the theatre. Priya befriends Naani’s mother, and Priya grows to adore Naani. Priya is irritated by Vichu’s absence. She eventually makes the decision to marry Vichu. Raj kidnaps him on his wedding day, but Vichu transforms into Naani. His kidnappers let him go. That nightfall, transforms into Vichu and marries Priya. (Most Hindu weddings take place in the morning.) Vichu has no experience with marriage.

Naani tries to keep his mother at bay by fleeing at night. Priya is desperate for a kid, so she deliberately exposes her flesh to Vichu, who replies. Priya conceives a child. When Vichu sees his mother, he realises how painful pregnancy can be for a woman. Naani’s young pal begs to play with him, but his schedule is too hectic. To make his friend upset, slaps him and tells Priya the truth. Priya is taken aback when she learns she is expecting a kid.

Priya berates Vichu for marrying her and giving birth to her child, while Vichu blames her hubris for bringing him into the picture. Priya is taken aback as transforms into Vichu in front of her. Vichu confesses his feelings for her. Priya is now in labour, and Vichu transports her to the hospital. Vichu is stopped along the route by Raj’s men who are seeking vengeance.

It’s been twenty years. turns twenty-eight years old. As Priya’s spouse, he lives with her. He enters his room as Naani and emerges as Vichu, a 48-year-old father of a twenty-year-old kid.

Surya began pre-production work on a third tale, Naani, after the success of Kushi (2001).

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