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Jhankaar Beats: All you need to know about this musical Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Jhankaar Beats

Sujoy Ghosh helmed Jhankaar Beats, a 2003 Indian musical movie distributed by Pritish Nandy Communications. Juhi Chawla, Sanjay Suri, Rahul Bose, Shayan Munshi, Rinke Khanna, as well as Riya Sen, appear in the film. The famous songs “Tu Aashiqui Hai” and “Suno Na,” performed by playback artist KK and Shaan, accordingly, and penned by Vishal Dadlani, are also on the movie’s album.

R. D. Burman has been honoured in this film. Jhankaar Beats is indeed a love storey regarding friendship, music, as well as love.

Deep (Sanjay Suri) and Shanti (Juhi Chawla) are happily married, with a young daughter Muskaan and then another child on the way. His best friend, as well as a coworker at such an advertising business, is Rishi (Rahul Bose). Rishi is childish and opinionated, which leads to clashes with his similarly forceful legal wife Nicky at home (Rinke Khanna). Rishi and Deep are passionate musicians who are obsessed with R.D. Burman’s music. They occasionally perform in a club and participate in the “Jhankaar Beats” yearly pop music competition, which they have lost again for the previous two years.

Nicky has evicted Rishi from his home, as well as the pair are contemplating getting divorced. Deep’s irritable mother-in-law has arrived for just a two-month stay. The guys are pressed for time to prepare an advertising campaign for the new customer, a strange condom maker.

Around this time, they encounter Neel (Shayan Munshi), the team’s current employee who really is the son of the company employer, Mr Kapoor. Neel is a talented musician with his own issues: he has feelings for Preeti (Riya Sen) but lacks the guts to approach her. To make the matter worst, his dad has determined that he will be squandering his existence and also has handed him a two-month deadline to locate a lady or settled with such a woman chosen by his family. Although they taunt him relentlessly, Rishi and Deep learn to like Neel, but he has a strong ally in Shanti. Likewise, Shanti is attempting to persuade Rishi to really see reason and reconcile to Nicky.

In the middle of several amusing scenarios, Rishi and Deep force Neel to chat to Preeti even while ensuring that they train for the forthcoming Jhankaar Beats tournament. Meanwhile, Rishi receives an attractive opportunity to work outside of the nation, but declines because he believes he should give himself and Nicky the opportunity.

Rishi witnesses Nicky getting consoled by her lawyer the day before the contest and believes that Nicky no longer wants him, so he takes a job overseas. He is departing again for the airport the day of the contest, much to the chagrin and sadness of Deep, who’d already regarded Rishi as a sister and now is abandoning him.

When the cab plays an R.D. Burman tune upon that radio while driving to the airline, Rishi realises he is truly abandoning his home. Deep and Neel are startled to see Rishi on their approach here to contest, and so resolve to play a cover of an R.D Burman song regardless of what happens.

Deep, Rishi, and Neal ultimately win the contest and establish a band at the end of the film. Rishi finally swallows his pride and apologises to Nicky. Deep marries and has a boy named after his beloved.

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