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Insaan (1982): All you should know about this Bollywood action film

by Ratan Srivastava

Insaan is a 1982 Indian Bollywood action movie directed by Narendra Bedi and produced by Ved Khanna Mukesh Movies. It features Jeetendra, Vinod Khanna, Reena Roy as well as a soundtrack created by Laxmikant–Pyarelal. An ex-soldier is played by Kishore Jariwala, brother of Bollywood star Sanjeev Kumar. The movie was one of Vinod Khanna’s final films when he left the Indian Hindi movie industry to attend Rajneeshpuram in Oregon, USA.

The plot of the movie ‘Insaan’

Shankar (Vinod Khanna) lives alongside his stepmother as well as three stepbrothers, who aren’t very fond of them. They inherit the whole of his father’s property following his demise and are unwilling to release this with Shankar. Shankar later marries Sona (Reena Roy) as well as works really hard to support his family via farming. Munna is their kid (Master Sameer). His sibling gambles away all of his money and then becomes impoverished. The stepbrothers, with aid of Sheru (Amjad Khan), attempt to assassinate him so that they could steal the whole of his possessions. Sona attempted to attack herself, believing Shankar is deceased. Ravi (Jeetendra) rescues her also and defends her against her nasty in-laws. They eventually marry. Shankar reappears after several months. He will not really visit Sona Insaan, because he felt obligated to Ravi. Later, Sona learns that Shankar is still alive, as Ravi is slain by criminals, bringing Shankar and Sona back together.


The soundtrack of the movie is created by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, with both the lyrics by Anand Bakshi. Mohammed Rafi as well as Asha Bhosle sing the blockbuster track “Saathiya, Tu Mere Sapnon Ka Meet Hai” in the movie.

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