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Chakra: All you need to know about this Indian Tamil action thriller movie

by Ratan Srivastava

MS Anandan’s directorial debut, Chakra, is indeed a 2021 Indian Tamil-language action thriller film directed by him. Vishal and Shraddha Srinath portray the protagonists, whereas Regina Cassandra plays the antagonist. The movie, which is about cybercrime and e-commerce frauds, depicts a soldier as well as a police officer as they work together to catch a computer hacker. The movie was released in theatres on February 19, 2021, to mixed to good reviews, with praise for Vishal and Regina Cassandra’s performances, visuals, cinematography, as well as music, although criticism for the writing and speed.

The plot of the movie

On August 15th, Independence Day, 50 robberies happened, including two masked bandits robbing homes. Without a single lead or piece of proof, the whole police force is dumb. The case has been handed to Assistant Commissioner Gayathiri (Sharaddha Srinath). She finds that a total of 50 residences have been plundered, the 50th of which is Chandru’s (Vishal’s) previous love interest’s house. In an attempt to protect the Ashoka Chakra Award, which was conferred to Chandru’s late father, Chandru’s grandmother (K. R. Vijaya) is hurt in the robbery (Nassar). The burglars, on the other hand, knocked her down and took the medal.

Chandru has taken it upon himself to revenge them, reclaim the medal, and solve the crime.

When Chandru examines the case data and information from the victims, he realises that the burglars knew exactly where the money and valuables were hidden in each home. He deduces that the criminals had visited every residence in advance and meticulously planned the heist. As a result, he compiles a list of persons who have access to people’s homes and concludes that a firm called Dial For Help, which offers domestic services such as technicians, plumbers, as well as other professionals, maybe engaged in the case.

As a result, he goes to the firm’s headquarters and discovers that all 50 properties were serviced by the company under the same number, which belonged to a man named Marimuthu.

Police hurry to his home, only to discover that he has already died. The widow of Marimuthu reveals that her husband was a decent man who died two years ago. With no other options, Chandru returns. Meanwhile, an unknown caller assures the Police Commissioner (Vijay Babu) that he is the perpetrator of all the thefts thus far. He also challenges the whole police, claiming that no one will ever be able to find him.

Accepting the challenge, Chandru attempts to agitate the mysterious individual, which appears to work as he provides a clue to his location – 00100. The cops understand it relates to a location and rush there, only to find computers that have been destroyed. Chandru admits that he knew the individual would go, but he was merely looking for any signs that he had. Chandru returns after some time to explain his findings.

He discloses that the number 00100 was scrawled on the walls at that location and that it was painted in a style that resembled the queen in chess and that the hacker had left a partial handprint on the scanner used to erase all data.

He further claims that owing to the PM’s coming, theft would occur in 58 additional homes on August 23rd. Finally, he explains that perhaps the hacker they were looking for was a woman rather than a guy.

Leela (Regina Cassandra), a chess tutor, is shown to become the mystery hacker. A flashback reveals that a little Leela (Baby Krithika) adored her mother (Neelima Rani), with whom she shared a close relationship. Every day, her drunken and violent father (Aruldoss) torments her mother. Leela wakes up one day to discover her mother had died in her sleep. Her father marries another lady right away, and she brings two small sons with her.

Leela’s father later confesses to suffocating and killing Leela’s mother with his new bride. Leela, outraged, uses electricity and water to murder both her father and stepmother. Her stepmother’s two songs serve as bait for her heists. Following that, Leela and Chandru engage in a cat-and-mouse game, with Chandru emerging victorious. Leela challenges Chandru with the words “The game has just begun” at the end of the film, leaving the door open for a sequel.

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