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Aksar 2: All you need to know about this Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava

AKSAR 2 tells the storey of a governess who has become a pawn with in hands of people who seek to take her riches from an elderly billionaire woman. Mrs. Khambatta’s governess (Lillete Dubey), an elderly billionaire, dies in bizarre circumstances. Pat (Gautam Rode), her finance manager, is asked to fill the position right away. The job is given to Sheena Roy (Zareen Khan). Despite Khambatta’s desire for an elderly lady, Pat persuades her to offer Sheena a chance. Sheena, on the other hand, finds the task difficult. If she wish to retain her work, Pat demands that she sleep alongside him. Sheena badly needs the job in order to assist her lover Ricky (Abhinav Shukla), who is struggling financially.

As a result, Sheena yields to Pat’s advances. However, Pat’s life takes a turn for the worse. Pat is kept awake at night by Sheena’s revelations concerning Khambatta’s will. The rest of the movie is built around what occurs next.

The most serious flaw in AKSAR 2 is that it is outdated in every way. The picture fails to amuse because filmmaker Ananth Narayan Mahadevan appears to be stuck inside the 1990s. The first half is tolerable because one thinks the plot will take an interesting and entertaining turn. However, the second half of the picture is a huge letdown. The entire scheme devised by Sheena and her group is illogical. Bachchan Singh (Mohit Madaan) is perplexed as why he gets engaged inside the craziness when he isn’t going to receive a single rupee. The film travels into a total nonsensical zone only to shock audiences and add twists. In reality, the finale is impossible to understand and makes no sense whatsoever.

The narrative of Narendra Bajaj is ridiculous. The script by Sanjeev Puri is uninteresting. A suspenseful thriller must be captivating and engrossing. AKSAR 2, on the other hand, is plodding and full of inconsequential scenes. Sanjeev Puri’s conversations, on the other hand, are good at times.

The directing of Ananth Narayan Mahadevan is out of date and has little attraction for multiplex or single screen audiences. Even though the picture is marketed as an erotica, the love scenes tend to be small.

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