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Why does the filmmaker pick to have the flight scene in mice and men?

by Ratan Srivastava
mice and men

The film Of mice and men begins with such an action-packed sequence in which two men are pursued by men on horses. This scenario captivates the spectator because it evokes a sense of intrigue, perplexity, and disarray, all while playing hazardous music in the background. The filmmaker, Gary Sinise, did an excellent job inside this scene since this not only adds intriguing details but also delivers a sense of foreboding.

In addition, the picture was well-illustrated. The audience may connect with creative imagination by watching the camera move in such a manner that this really feels like the characters are real. The camera was doing an excellent job of capturing the personality of the characters.

The first time the movie presents the Boss, for example, it is through footage of him cracking open a nut using a nutcracker. This adds to the scene’s and indeed the Boss’s fear, especially so because the sound of the nut-cracking open is audible. It was also fascinating to see how the filmmaker (Gary Sinise) opted not to show the footage of the animals dying, such as with the mouse, the pup, as well as Candy’s dog. He does, however, provide footage of Lennie and Curley’s wife dying.

The way the performers spoke and acted in their roles added to the film’s realism and realism. John Malkovich portrayed the character of Lennie Small. The running sequence at the beginning of the film reveals as well as explains more about George and Lennie’s backgrounds. A modification in the screenplay occurs near the end of the movie. After George kills Lennie inside the novel, all of the guys come over to console George.

Nevertheless, the film includes flashbacks to happy times spent by the two guys. All of these changes to the movie improve it since they provide the viewer with much more information and far less space to think.

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