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What would happen if the super serum from the MCU touches your skin?

by Ratan Srivastava
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Abraham Erskine invented the Super Serum, which is a chemical solution. The serum was created to improve the human body and intellect, and it has been meant for use by the United States Armed Forces to convert Allied soldiers into super-warriors during World War II.

Several parties have attempted to reproduce it throughout the years, with varying degrees of success. Johann Schmidt, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Isaiah Bradley, Alexei Shostakov, Bruce Banner, Emil Blonsky, Karli Morgenthau, as well as John Walker are among those who have benefited from it.

Johann Schmidt was turned into Red Skull after a prototype version of the serum was tried on him since 1940. The recipe wasn’t ready for usage at the time, and also the serum’s effects had a significant impact on Schmidt’s personality. Schmidt’s metamorphosis didn’t proceed as intended due to a lack of radioactive exposure in his Super Soldier Serum, which resulted inside the burning away of the skin and tissue surrounding his head, and also an unsightly red scab on his nasal cavity.

After escaping towards the United States of America, Abraham Erskine joined the Strategic Scientific Reserve, where he created the serum. As a consequence, the SSR launched Project Rebirth, a plan to use the serum to turn Allied soldiers to super soldiers.

Erskine successfully administered the serum mostly on skinny and sickly Steve Rogers, healing his infirmities and boosting his physique, using Vita Radiation to unleash the serum’s potential. Tragically, Erskine was slain, as well as HYDRA agent Heinz Kruger destroyed the remaining bottle of the original serum. Knowing that if the only way to reproduce Erskine’s formula would have been to take Rogers’ blood, as that the serum’s remaining vestiges lingered in Rogers’ DNA, the US government extracted Rogers’ blood.

HYDRA kidnapped a number of US military personnel in October 1943 and sent them to work in a top-secret weapons complex inside the Austrian Alps. When the inmates were unable to work due to their health.

In his effort to reproduce the serum, Arnim Zola employed them as test subjects. Bucky Barnes was given the serum and lived, despite the fact that Zola abandoned his work as well as fled when Rogers assaulted the facility, freeing Barnes.

Rogers and Barnes staged a raid here on HYDRA train transferring Zola to another facility in the first freezing months of 1945. Barnes fell off the train during the struggle and landed several hundred feet below. Barnes was able to survive the hit thanks towards the serum, although he did lose his left arm inside the process.

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