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When did cinema start in India?

by Ratan Srivastava

As Indian film industry’s first release was Raja Harishchandra (1913) but, you will be amazed to know that cinema didn’t start with it in India. Read below to know the exact instance of the cinema.

The Lumiere Brothers screened six films at the Watson Hotel in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) on July 7, 1896, marking the beginning of Indian cinema.

The Lumiere brothers were French cinematographers who came to India after demonstrating their filmmaking prowess in Paris. The pictures were screened on July 7th, 1896, at the Watson Hotel in Mumbai, and tickets were charged at Re.1. The occurrence was dubbed the “miracle of the century” by the Times of India.

Entry of Cinematographe, The Sea Bath, Arrival of a Train, A Demolition, Ladies and Soldiers on Wheels, and Leaving the Factory were the six films shown that day. The Lumiere Brothers’ second film showing took place on July 14th at the Novelty Theatre in Bombay, where twenty-four pictures were played, including A Stormy Sea and The Thames at Waterloo Bridge.

Three components were essential in Indian culture even before the arrival of the film (silent or talkies): Natya (drama), nritya (pantomime), and nrrita (music) (pure dance). These three elements ultimately made their way into Indian film.

Bollywood films have contributed much to Indian music by producing some of the most melodic melodies in Indian music history, and Bollywood films now epitomise Indian culture with their lavish song and dance scenes and flashy costumes. Films became a phenomenon in India with the Lumiere brothers’ film presentation in Mumbai, and Professor Stevenson arranged a show at Calcutta’s (now Kolkata) Star Theatre the next year.

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