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What exactly is Bratz?

by Ratan Srivastava

Bratz is indeed an American fashion doll and merchandising line developed by Carter Bryant and manufactured by MGA Entertainment.

Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha were the very first four 10-inch dolls to be launched on May 21, 2001. They had almond-shaped eyes having eye makeup on them and rich, glossy lips. The original Bratz doll brand was expanded through spin-offs such as Bratz Kidz, Babyz, and Bratzillaz, as well as media involving various characters, such as a web series, movie adaption, TV series, discography, as well as video games. Bratz controlled around 40% of the fashion doll industry in 2006, with global sales of two billion dollars in 2005.

Bratz dolls have sparked debate in a number of areas. From the stylised dimensions of the dolls to the fashion-forward apparel, the company has always been a careful follower of pop culture trends. MGA Entertainment was embroiled in a protracted legal battle involving Mattel for the Bratz design for years. MGA was declared the winner of the dispute in 2011. A lawsuit filed by MGA alleging Mattel’s misappropriation of trade secrets is still pending.

Throughout its history, the brand has been through a numerous hiatuses and rebrandings. After Mattel’s initial lawsuit in early 2010, Bratz took a temporary sabbatical before returning later that year to celebrate the franchise’s tenth anniversary. Bratz was redesigned in 2013, with a higher torso and a new logo and branding. Throughout 2014, MGA Entertainment decided to fully revamp the Bratz brand in order to bring it back to its roots. As a result, North American merchants were not provided with any of the 2014 product range.

Bratz made a reappearance in July 2015, with a new collection of dolls that included a new main character named Raya joining the lineup of Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha, as well as a new motto and website design. The bodies were redesigned to be 10″ tall with new body and head moulds. Fans reacted negatively to these dolls since the brand was aimed at younger children rather than tweens and adolescents like the previous dolls. The dolls were once again retired in 2016 due to poor reaction and sales.

A new range of dolls dubbed “Bratz Collector” was introduced exclusively on Amazon inside the fall of 2018. Hayden Williams, a fashion illustrator, designed the dolls, which had branding that was more similar to the first run of dolls.

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