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What are other legal thrillers written by authors from foreign countries?

by Ratan Srivastava
legal thrillers

legal thrillers outsold all other fiction genres combined in 2018. That’s not surprising if you keep a close eye on the bestsellers lists or fiction tables at their local bookshop since you’ve probably noticed the growth in the popularity of thrillers in recent years. Stacker produced a list of the 100 finest thriller novels ever written to salute the genre. It compiled a list of the best books based on bestseller lists, Amazon ranks, and Goodreads ratings, and presented them under no particular order.

However, the genre has really not dominated the business in the manner it does now. Romance, literary fiction, as well as historical fiction have all had their turns in the past as the most popular genre of book among readers.

So, what’s the deal with the unexpected surge in interest within those adrenaline-pumping novels?

According to Psychology Today, this all boils down to the pressures of today’s environment. Many individuals are yearning for anything that would give them a respite from their workplace and leisure duties, which range from meeting deadlines as well as raising children to keep a busy social life as well as saving face on social media. Thriller novels engross and engross readers towards the point where they will be unable to think about anything as long as they are immersed inside the plot. These thrillers give a much-needed break from the monotony of everyday living.

There are thrillers of every genre on the list, including crime stories, suspense books, mysteries, legal thrillers, courtroom dramas, psychological and home dramas, and so on. There’s bound to be a book or two on the list that will capture your attention, from the original mystery thriller “The Woman in White” to newly published hits like “The Shadows.”

This domestic thriller spent eight weeks at the top of The New York Times bestseller list well after its debut in 2012. “Gone Girl,” Gillian Flynn’s debut novel, is about the strange disappearance of that too girl Amy Dunne, her husband Nick’s alleged involvement, as well as the lies, deceptions, and secrets that exist among them. Inside the early tens, the nerve-wracking novel was just so successful that it spawned a slew of read-alike novels.

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