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What is the difference between Bollywood dances, Bhangra and salsa?

by Ratan Srivastava

Bhangra is indeed a vibrant traditional dance and music that originated inside the Indian state of Punjab. Bhangra is a dance that is historically done to commemorate and celebrate the seasonal harvest’s success. On Baisakhi, which falls on April 13th, Punjabis perform both bhangra dance and music. It is known as the “King of Dances.”

 The customary Bollywood dances, on the other hand, are frequently seen in Bollywood Bollywood movies. It was formerly a mixed dance form that featured an intriguing fusion of Indian classical dance techniques, ancient dances performed by North Indian courtesans or tawaifs, and diverse Indian folk dances.

Later, recent Hindi movies began to use a dance style that was closely related to Western choreographic forms like as Brake, Hip-hop, Salsa, Tango, ballet, and so on. A spectacular blend of western pop and traditional Indian dance traditions was cemented in a distinct captivating potion in current cinema.

Performers chant traditional Punjabi Boliyaan and Loriyaan songs while people beat the dhol drum during a Bhangra session. Thereafter, dancers create a circle around the drums and perform. The drummers raise two sticks every now and then to beat the drums, enticing the dancers to move to an even faster pace of movement.

In most Bollywood dance films, however, it’s really the hero and heroine, or one of them, who perform with such a group of dancers. Throughout the song, these dance routines frequently include implausible switches in place and time frame, as well as wardrobe changes. Romantic music with simply the hero and heroine are frequently shot in lovely picturesque places, having special effects used on occasion.

A brightly coloured Patka upon that head, a lungi (for males) or lacha (for women) of the same colour, a long tunic, a deep blue or black waistcoat, and traditional anklets named ghungroos upon that ankles are all part of such Bhangra attire. Nuntians are little rings worn by dancers in their ears.

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