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Why do some of the members in BTS hate each other?

by Ratan Srivastava

The members of BTS appear to get along swimmingly. Fans who have seen their many videos will notice that they frequently make each other laugh and converse in a pleasant manner. It’s no surprise that BTS has been together for more than seven years.

Even in the closest of families, though, disagreements can arise. And there are two members of BTS who appear to fight more frequently than others.

V and Jimin are buddies of the same age who attended the same high school. Despite their similarities, the two have a history of clashing often.

Suga claimed in a recent interview with Esquire that V and Jimin had the most fights in the group. V, on the other hand, disagreed, adding, “We haven’t fought in three years!”

Irrespective regardless of how many times they argue today, it appears that their history of squabbles has earned V as well as Jimin’s relationship a bad name.

When BTS performed on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, they revealed that V and Jimin had a feud over dumplings. They didn’t go into detail about the incident at the time, however, Jimin ultimately revealed the details during a live stream a month later.

After being pressured by fans, Jimin admitted that he and V had a fight a few years ago over when to eat dumplings. Jimin preferred to wait while V wanted to devour them straight away.

“It was only a matter of whether we ate it now or later,” he explained. “‘We’re here to practise,’ says the narrator. ‘After practice, let’s eat.’ ‘I’m not hungry,’ she says. ‘Let’s eat and practise,'” she says.

“We argued, and the other members asked us to leave,” he added. As a result, we exited the practise room and continued to argue. ‘If we had done what I said, we wouldn’t have had this fight,’ I added. ‘No, you’re being so cruel,’ he said.

The other members ultimately attempted to assist them in de-escalating their agitation. Jimin confessed that settling things with V took him many hours. In retrospect, he finds the incident “funny” and “embarrassed” that they even fought in that manner.

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