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“Working with father Naseeruddin Shah is still a dream” says Vivaan Shah

by Ratan Srivastava

Actor Vivaan Shah, the son of famous actors Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah, believes that working with his parents on screen is one of his greatest ambitions.

‘Sutliya,’ the actor’s new web series, is in the works.Vivaan has struggled to perform the kind of quality job that he has always aspired for, despite being the son of such legendary actors and establishing his acting abilities in the first film ‘7 Khoon Maaf.’

In conversation with IANS, Vivaan said, “I have been working constantly and that is the best thing for me to keep the creative mind alive. Actor in cinema is one part of it because I also do theatre and I have written novels. While who eventually in a film will come out is not really in my hands, when I write a book, every character, story flow, everything is in my control. So along with acting, this is one of the creative processes I enjoyed the most.”

When asked about his long-term goals and whether he wants to work with his father, Vivaan responded, “Working with Naseeruddin Shah in a film or web series is my dream, my ambition. It so happened that in my debut film ‘7 Khoon Maaf’, even though dad had a part to play, we did not have any scene in the film. I so wish I work with my father in a film. I know how wonderful it is to work with him because I have done that on stage.”

In the show ‘Sutliya,’ he plays Raman Chaldeil, the family’s youngest member and a Delhi University student who is also an idealist with such a lot of rebel energy.

Vivaan gave an insight into his character when he said, ” While the character has its own internal conflict, it is also about coming back home. He goes back home after his father’s death. The core of ‘Sutliya’ celebrates the power of family and togetherness.”

“I am someone very close to my family and when I was staying in Delhi for my college, within one year I was feeling so homesick that I came back to Mumbai and completed my education from here. I understand the feeling of home, the feeling of coming back to home and family,” Vivaan signed off.

‘Sutliya,’ which also stars Shiv Panditt, Ayesha Raza, and Plabita Borthakur, is currently streaming on ZEE5.

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