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Who is the god of acting?

by Ratan Srivastava
god of acting

The closeness between Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan goes all the way back to as they were filming their debut movie, ‘Asoka,’ around each other. While scrolling through Instagram recently, we found an old video from the marketing of ‘We Are Family,’ in which the King of Bollywood mocks Bebo for calling Aamir Khan as ‘God of acting.’

The short begins with a lighthearted discussion among SRK and Bebo during the film’s promotional tour, in which SRK questions Bebo who according to you is ‘god of acting’. Bebo, perplexed, challenges him regarding the stated comment, just to realise that he’ll be referring to the conversation she did with Karan Johar for the chat show, in which she had been asked two questions: 1. “Who is the god of acting?” and 2. “Who is the cinematic genius?”

Kareena referred to as Aamir Khan is “the God of Acting,” whereas Shah Rukh Khan was her second pick for a movie brilliance. Even during the discussion, Bebo as well made clear to SRK that those who started asking her some of these questionnaires in a quickfire session, and that she ended up taking both of their names because she started working with each of them. She as well asserted that SRK only ended up taking snippets from a discussion, and also that the entire discussion would be broadcast nationally, which she has as well chosen to take SRK’s and Aamir’s titles.

However to pick god of acting is still a debatable topic but, when talking about ‘god’, we can definitely deliver an answer right away. Rajinikanth is nearly revered like a god, specifically in Tamil Nadu, where he has a sizable fan base. Shivaji Rao Gaekwad reportedly was Rajinikanth’s birth name. Megastar Rajinikanth is much more than simply an actor; he is virtually revered as a God, especially among his adoring fans in Tamil Nadu.

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