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Who are the handsome Bollywood actors in their sixties?

by Ratan Srivastava

It’s pointless to dispute that perhaps the majority of Indian men sixties don’t really age properly. We lose our hair, most of our teeth fall out, and therefore no matter how fit we were in our 20s and 30s, we gain a significant amount of weight as we age.

However, not every Indian man undergoes this metamorphosis.

Indeed, if these 9 male celebrities are any indication, we can confidently conclude that if we take excellent care of ourselves and do all of the necessary things in a timely way, we, too, may age gracefully:


Chiranjeevi is indeed 65 years old. So, we’re not suggesting he looks 24, since that would have been an exaggeration, but it does he appear to be more than 40 years old? No, we don’t believe so.

Take a look at the picture of him with Ram Charan. Does this not make it much more difficult to believe he’s 65?

Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is India’s Benjamin Button, as we’ve stated before and it will say again. His grooming routine as well as glow-up routine, at the age of 63, puts 30-year-old males to shame. Seriously, how well does he pull it off?

When it comes to fashion, Nagarjuna generally keeps basic and safe. What has attracted our interest is the way he takes care of himself.

Okay, in what world does this man appear to be approaching 70 years old?


Mammootty, despite being 68, is a keen dresser with an impeccable grooming regimen who, despite his age, obviously outsmarts most people half his age when it comes to style.

Kamal Haasan

Here’s another celebrity as from south who has defied the ravages of time throughout his life. His sense of style is unmistakably not that of a man in his sixties. Neither is the way he grooms himself, if we’re being honest.

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