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Who are the Bollywood celebs with the worst hygiene habits?

by Ratan Srivastava
Bollywood celebs

They may be the best Bollywood celebs, but they also have a personal life! Even if they attempt to keep their personal lives hidden, something always leaks through, exposing a lot about them. Here are a few actors that have a quirky side that you may not be conscious of. Or perhaps you are! Read on to find out.

1. Salman Khan

He’s a total nerd when it comes to collecting soaps. The actor is so obsessed with this habit that he does have a one-of-a-kind collection of handcrafted, designer, and herbal soaps from all over the world. Natural fruit and vegetable derived soaps are his favourites. He is without a doubt the best-smelling man in Bollywood, and his presence on location is noticed by his scent! Salman went so far as to say.

2. Sushmita Sen

Sush likes snakes, as strange as it may sound. She loves pythons that much that she owns one as a pet! Do you require any other information? Sushmita reportedly enjoys taking baths on her outdoor balcony, where she has reportedly installed a bath tub.

4. Shah Rukh Khan

Neverever  King Khan despises being photographed while eating. He also despises ice cream! Wait. There’s a lot more. SRK is a gadget and video gaming aficionado. He has an entire level at Mannat dedicated to gaming devices, and he even hosts tournaments with his pals.

5. Amitabh Bachchan

Big B is ambidextrous, which means he can use both hands. Yes, he could write with both hands very well. His right hand was crippled for just a long time following his near-death accident upon that sets of Coolie. He started writing with his left hand at around that point. There’s a lot more. Amitabh uses two wristwatches while Abhishek, as well as Aishwarya, would be out of the country, once set to Indian time the other to the time zone in which they are travelling. To prevent network problems, he even has numerous phones!

6. Vidya Balan

She claims she “sees herself inside a saree even while she is asleep” and owns over 800 sarees in her wardrobe. She has the right vintage appearance to pull off the outfit. Her behaviours, too, are from a bygone era.

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