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Which city is called Hollywood of India?

by Ratan Srivastava

Since the inception of the trend of naming the film industry as ‘ollywood’ or ‘wood’, started since then many countries and film Industries have started naming acknowledging the name inspired by the ‘Hollywood Industry’ of the west.

Tollywood, alluding to the Bengali film industry in Tollygunge, was the earliest Hollywood-inspired term, going back to 1932. (then in the Bengal Presidency of British India, now in the West Bengal state of India). Bollywood, the informal term for the Hindi language film business in Mumbai (previously Bombay), India, is the most well-known Hollywood-inspired moniker.

In 2017, Indian cinema released 1,986 feature films, with Bollywood releasing 364 Hindi films. In 2014, Bollywood accounted for 43% of Indian net box-office income, followed by Tamil and Telugu films with 36% and regional films with 21%. Bollywood is one of the world’s most important film-making hubs. Indian cinema (including Bollywood) is said to have sold 3.6 billion tickets globally in 2001, compared to 2.6 billion sold by Hollywood.

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Contemporary Bollywood films increasingly contain aspects of Hinglish, a vernacular Hindustani that is mutually understandable by individuals who self-identify as knowing either Hindi or Urdu. Since the 1970s, the masala film has been the most successful commercial genre in Bollywood, mixing several genres such as action, comedy, romance, drama, and melodrama, as well as dance performances.

Alternate cinema, a unique genre of art films that avoids musical numbers and presents realistic material, actually existed commercial masala blockbusters. The line between commercial masala and parallel cinema has been dissolving in recent times, with a rising number of mainstream movies embracing tropes that were previously only identified with alternative movies.

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