Bollywood Society » When Alia Bhatt’s driver saw her dressed as a bride, he became emotional

When Alia Bhatt’s driver saw her dressed as a bride, he became emotional

by Ratan Srivastava

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor married on April 14 in a lovely wedding ceremony at Ranbir’s home, Vasstu. The wedding was a small, conventional occasion attended by the couple’s family and close friends. Sunil Talekar, the brides’ driver, blessed the couple in a recent Instagram picture in which he posed with the regal couple.Talekar has been a part of the Bhatt family since she was a young child of five years old. Talekar expressed his joy at seeing Alia become a bride and marry the love of her life.

Sunil has been hands-on when it comes to Alia, as he revealed in an interview with Aaj Tak, through India Times, about being with the family for a long time, whether it was dropping Alia off at school or taking her to the shoot on her first day at work. Sunil went on to say that Alia was like his daughter, and that he was overcome with emotion as he saw her become a bride on her special day.

Sunil, meanwhile, stated that he would continue to work for the actress even after her marriage because he had already dedicated his life to the Bhatt family. He stated that he will always be there for Alia, regardless of the changes. “From holding your small hands to seeing you as a bride, I can say my heart is filled with delight today,” Talekar captioned an Instagram image in which he posed with the wedded pair.

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