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Karthik calling Karthik: Reasons to watch this movie

by Ratan Srivastava

The film Karthik calling Karthik is a suspense thriller with a weak narrative, and you can still give it a shot. Farhan Aktar plays Karthik, and Deepika Padukone plays Shonali inside the film.

Both operate for the same company, but in separate capacities. Karthik, who has a loose life with lots of tesn and workload, has feelings for Shonali, even though she’s a top-level management executive with an affair with a coworker.

In the new phone, he receives a call. Karthik is approached by a stranger who assures him that if he follows the random persons instructions, he would achieve success as well as love. But all he asks is for Karthik to pledge not to tell anyone else about it.

Karthik receives all, however Shonali asks him to swear her that he might not keep anything hidden, then Karthik informs Shonali of the call. so everything is altered.

I won’t give anything away about the show’s ending because it contains considerable tension.

Jt uff hoo as well as hey ya are two of the film’s good tunes. Much better to watch this once and listen to the music.

Karthik, that’s all there is to it. Calling Karthik is a fun, engrossing, and pleasant read. It’s a worthwhile endeavor that includes an intriguing examination of the human psyche using terminology like awareness and subconsciousness.

A film that holds you hooked to your seat and leaves you guessing what will occur next.

Superb directing as well as representation of perspectives in this film. I have had to applaud the filmmaker and his crew for making a solid film that isn’t filled with normal bollywood nonsense like item songs, bad sequences, and so on.

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