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Arjun: All you need to know about this Bollywood’s action movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia feature in Arjun, a 1985 Bollywood action movie helmed by Rahul Rawail as well as featuring Sunny Deol. The movie was a commercial success, earning the title of ‘Super Hit’ at the box office. The movie was eventually adapted in Tamil, Telugu, as well as Kannada as Sathya, Bharatamlo Arjunudu, and Sangrama.

Arjun Malvankar (Sunny Deol), a young educated yet unemployed man from such a lower-middle-class Maharashtrian household in Mumbai, stars Sunny Deol. He hangs around with a group of jobless buddies. They’re all fed up with a system that lives on corruption as well as the abuse of the vulnerable.

Arjun’s father is a simple man who has resigned himself to live a poor man’s life free of difficulties. His second wife, Shashi Kala, despises Arjun and regularly ridicules him for being unemployed and unproductive. Arjun unwittingly becomes involved with local criminals who are linked to the local MP and then joins a rival politician in an attempt to expose the corrupt local MP. Nevertheless, he quickly learns about the dark world of politics and sees that he is being used as a pawn by politicians to further their own selfish objectives. Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment owns the movie’s distribution rights.’s Sukanya Verma rated it Deol’s finest action picture.

The soundtrack of the movie

R. D. Burman composed the soundtrack for this movie. The background music was incredibly catchy, particularly during action sequences, and also was utilised in numerous subsequent films. “Mammaiya Kero Mamma” was a popular song.
The lyrics were penned by Javed Akhtar.

The plot of the movie

Arjun Malvankar (Sunny Deol), who is unemployed but tolerant and gentle, lives with his father, stepmother, and stepsister in the Bombay suburbs. Mr Malvankar (A.K. Hangal) is still working to make up the shortfall at his advanced age.

Arjun once broke up a gang of thugs who were abusing a poor guy for failing to pay extortion taxes. Arjun’s life is forever changed as a result of this tragedy. Arjun enrages the local goon, who sends more guys to beat him up, but this time he is aided by five of his pals, who Arjun brutally beats up and sends back. Arjun’s parents are warned by the goons to caution him against his actions or he would be killed. Arjun is apprehended, but the officers release him with a warning. However, Arjun is doing the right thing, according to a new inspector, Ravi Rane (Raj Kiran). He then develops feelings for Arjun’s sister.

Arjun is contacted by Geeta (Dimple Kapadia), a journalist, who begs him for a favour, which he gladly accepts, as well as the two fall in love.

Arjun is discovered by the minister Deen Dayal Trivedi (Prem Chopra), who is behind all illicit operations in the city and also supports the don. He believes Arjun is working for his adversary Shiv Kumar Chowgule (Anupam Kher), whose party is attempting to get a nomination for the forthcoming elections, and orders Arjun and his associates to be killed. One of Arjun’s pals, Mohan (Satyajeet), is attacked and killed in public by the gang.

Despite Arjun’s best efforts, no one comes forward to testify about the murder due to fear, allowing the perpetrators to go free. Arjun chases after the killers and beats them up till he is apprehended by police.

Shiv Kumar Chowgule and his right-hand man, Babu Ram (Annu Kapoor), approach Arjun now, and that he is politely declined. Arjun’s family soon drives him out of the house, and with nowhere else to go, he accepts to travel with Chowgule, believing that the latter is a good man seeking to rid the city of the evil Trivedi and his activities. Chowgule ruins all of Trivedi’s activities with the aid of Arjun.

He dismantles Trivedi’s Matka den, which is run by one of his loyal assistants, Anoop (Paresh Rawal). He also manages to recruit Anand Patkar (Shafi Inamdar), an affluent alcoholic who is a member of the election nominating committee and supports Trivedi. Trivedi becomes infuriated and instructs Anoop to murder Anand, which he does but is caught red-handed by police.

When Arjun discovers that Chowgule has teamed up with Trivedi and that none of the proof he gathered has been published as promised by Chowgule, the narrative takes a turn. He recognises that the politician is a crook who is using him for personal benefit.

Arjun’s car and residence have been seized as well.

Arjun tries to fight the politicians at their speech rally, frustrated and enraged, but he is just tossed out. Arjun is visited by his father at home with Geeta, who informs him that he has been the victim of wrongdoings and unfairness his entire life. He blesses his kid and assures him that he is fighting injustice with him.

Arjun then breaks into Trivedi’s house and beats him up, before moving on to Chowgule’s mansion and beating up the politician and stealing all the paperwork and proof of both Chowgule’s and Trivedi’s evil deeds.

Chowgule, who is injured, instructs his troops to pursue Arjun and kill him. Arjun is now on the run through the desolate streets of Bombay at night, pursued by thugs. They manage to shoot him a few times, however, Arjun manages to flee. He eludes them by crashing their vehicles till he ultimately kills the last goon and gets at Inspector Ravi’s Police station, whereupon he collapses and hands up the evidence. Finally, Chowgule and Trivedi are apprehended.

Ravi gives Arjuna a thumbs up at the hospital towards the end of the movie.

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