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When Ranveer Singh revealed Deepika’s reaction to his TV debut

by Ratan Srivastava
Ranveer Singh

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are two of the industry’s most hardworking, bright, and intelligent performers who are constantly striving to improve. They are both pillars of support for one another. They are one other’s strongest supporters, continuously encouraging and motivating one another. Ranveer had started as a television host with the visual quiz programme ‘The Big Picture’ a few months ago. Now, we came across the show’s press premiere event, when Ranveer disclosed how Deepika felt about her performance as a TV artist.

Ranveer spoke about Deepika’s reaction to his breaking out into television during the grand launch ceremony of his TV programme. “Deepika usually has constructive feedback for me, which I take extremely positively,” Ranveer said when questioned about it. She provided me with some advice and brought up some excellent issues once I showed her my sample sessions.” He went on to say that he took note of these things and absorbed them and that he was grateful to have such incredible insight into the arts, performing, and so on. She emphasised that Deepika provided her with specific advice on which he had worked, and she expressed her hope that he would wow everyone with his partner’s love and support.

When questioned about his thoughts on television as well as its reach, the actor stated that television is a strong medium that can help artists reach people all over the world. People who don’t follow movies will be able to see you on TV, he remarked. He also admitted to growing up watching television. “Idiot box dekhkar main khud idiot ban gaya hoon,” joked Ranveer.

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