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How do people pay for expenses at home when on reality TV?

by Ratan Srivastava

There’s now a reality show for everybody: chefs, house renovators, singers, dancers, mango daiquiri fans, TV viewers, those who want to suffer for months on an island, those who want to marry a stranger, those who want to date 25 different individuals.

We’d always be on TV if it weren’t for common sense as well as the threat of public disgrace.

Teeth whitening endorsements and also being hounded for paparazzi images that wind up on the Frontpage Mail will not be enough to cover all the expenses if you don’t win a large sum of money (or #TrueLove). So, how much do reality television stars make? Is it… worthwhile?

Claire Murphy of The Quicky spoke with Rob McKnight of TV Blackbox about how much reality TV actors are paid just On Quicky.

“If we judge it with what the participants on House Rules are paid, they get a $500 fee each week and a $500 allowance,” McKnight said, adding that perhaps the information was revealed inside a Workers Compensation Commission dispute.

“[Contestants] do not have to pay for meals because all of their expenditures are paid for.” And you still have mortgages, debts, and other obligations.” McKnight also mentioned that reality programme competitors seldom get money until the episode has broadcast.

“Your appearance on reality TV isn’t going to make you any money. “What non-celebrities really hoping for here is a 15-minute burst of popularity when they can cash in,” he stated.

“We see Married At First Sight stars performing Cameos, which is paying for such a recorded message from themselves; they may go to nightclubs and just be paid for it; they may make $500 for emceeing an event dependent on how hot there were on the programme.” However the ones who can truly make a profession out of it are few and far between,” he concluded.

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