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Gautam Rode opens up on playing a cop for the first time in ‘Nakaab’

by Palak Goyal
Gautam Rode

Gautam Rode has come a long way in his career over the years. In a decade-old career, the actor has made his presence felt on all the platforms-TV, OTT, and films. Recently, Gautam was seen playing a cop in the suspense thriller ‘Nakaab’, which investigates a high-profile death case.

In an exclusive conversation with an entertainment portal, the actor spoke about his thought process behind taking up the web series and preparing for a cop role.

Gautam shared, “When I first heard the character, I really loved it as it was very layered. Like, my character Pawan is an angry man but vulnerable at the same time and this makes him very real. I have never played a cop, and this character is not like what we see in films. If he is a good guy he remains the same throughout, or if he is bad then he is bad all through. He has many different shades to him.”

Speaking about how he met his cops to understand the role better, he said, “I have a few cop friends who I have seen how they behave and talk. I also went to the Police Station to meet them to know more about police officers. At the same time, I feel, it’s more about catching up with the ‘Sur’ of the character than the physicality of it. And that ‘Sur’ director gave it to me.. like the way he speaks in general, is very normal, with words in his mouth and I found it very intriguing and I used that in a few scenes.”

Gautam Rode

Adding further, he also mentioned that he prefers to take inspiration from real people. For Nakaab, Rode got inspired by the director Soumik Sen, who helped him in building his character.

“There were no actors that I looked up to for inspiration for playing a copy. Director Soumik was my inspiration, the way he speaks and behaves sort of helped me. I generally believe that real people inspire you in life, not actors. If you take inspiration from an actor then, you end up copying, and then people then start comparing you saying yeh toh uske jaise kar rha hai. So, every time, I either take real inspiration or read a little to find out about the character,” Gautam concluded.

Also series also stars Mallika Sherawat and Esha Gupta, Nakaab was released on September 15.

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