Ekta Kapoor’s next reality show will be hosted by Kangana Ranaut

The Bigg Boss excitement has finally died down, as well as the winner has sparked widespread fury on social media. Ekta Kapoor, the TV czarina, has launched her own reality programme without Kangana Ranaut wasting any more time. The official announcement, dubbed “the boldest reality programme ever,” is coming later today.

The show’s host has also been confirmed by the producers. “Given that it’s being billed as the most daring, outspoken programme of them all, Ekta has enlisted the help of her dear friend Kangana Ranaut.” Yes, Kangana Ranaut will make her hosting debut with just this event, which will be entirely webcast over the internet.

And if Kangana is present, there should be a clash of viewpoints and pyrotechnics all at once – something the producers are banking on.”

“The format of the programme is quite similar to Bigg Boss,” a source told Bollywood Hungama. It’s a captive reality programme in which participants are confined to a certain place for 8-10 weeks. The whole facility will be wired with cameras, and candidates will be given chores and dares. It’s a live broadcast that will stream on Alt Balaji and MX Player 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The Bigg Boss craze has just finished, and since the results were announced, there was widespread indignation on social media over the winner. Ekta Kapoor, the TV czarina, debuted her own reality show without wasting any time. The formal announcement is expected later today, and it has been dubbed “the most fearless reality show ever.”

The show’s host has also been locked in by the producers. “Because they’re dubbing it the boldest, outspoken gift of all of them and, Ekta has enlisted the help of her BFF Kangana Ranaut for a similar.”

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