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Which are the best Amazon Original Series? – Tap to Check it out

by Ratan Srivastava
Amazon Original

Amazon Prime has a lot of fantastic TV series, and it’s not only licenced stuff. We’ve all heard that Amazon’s original content can stand on its own (and even win awards). Its original programmes aren’t as diverse as Netflix’s, but there’s seldom a dud among them. Take a look at the Top 5 Best Amazon Original Series if you’re trying to decide which original programme to watch there on Amazon.

1. Fleabag (5 seasons, 56 episodes | IMDb: 8.5/10)

After being cancelled by Syfy in 2018, this sci-fi space opera based on a series of famous books discovered new life on Amazon for its fourth season, excellent news for fans who wanted further adventures again for the show’s ragtag band of anti-heroes. The Expanse is set in a futuristic, when mankind has colonised the Solar System and follows a trio of leads: United Nations Security Council member Chrisjen Avasarala, police investigator Josephus Miller, and ship’s officer James Holden as they uncover a conspiracy that threatens the fragile peace. It’s packed with action and thriller-style twists, but it’s the unforgettable, well-rounded characterization work that elevates it to must-see status. It is regarded as the best Amazon Original Series to date.

2. Jack Ryan (2 seasons, 16 episodes | IMDb: 8.1/10)

Young Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) seems to his friends and loved ones to be an ordinary CEO; nevertheless, he has covertly worked for the CIA for years. Ryan was hired to analyse global data, but when he finds a meticulously organised conspiracy to wreck the US economy and cause worldwide turmoil, he becomes the only guy with the ability to stop it. Ryan, now a full-fledged spy, is stuck between his mysterious handler, his naïve fiancee, and a bright Russian leader. It holds the second spot in the list of best Amazon Original Series to date.

3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (3 seasons, 26 episodes | IMDb: 8.8/10)

In 1958, a homemaker chooses to be a stand-up comedy. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is set in 1950s Manhattan. Midge is a lady of her day, a cheerleader wife to a guy who aspires to be a stand-up comedian, but her ideal existence is shattered when her husband unexpectedly leaves her for just another woman.

4. Patriot (2 seasons, 18 episodes | IMDb: 8.3/10)

Steven Conrad is the creator of Patriot, an American comedy-drama television series. It began on Amazon Prime Video on November 5, 2015, and the last episodes of the first season were published on February 23, 2017. Michael Dorman, Kurtwood Smith, Michael Chernus, Kathleen Munroe, Aliette Opheim, Chris Conrad, Terry O’Quinn, and Debra Winger all appear in the film. The series was renewed for a second season by Amazon in April 2017, and the next season debuted on November 9, 2018. 

5. Good Omens (1 season, 6 episodes | IMDb: 8.2/10)

Neil Gaiman developed and wrote the magical comedy series Good Omens, which is based on his and Terry Pratchett’s 1990 classic novel. The six-episode Amazon Studios/BBC Studios co-production was helmed by Douglas Mackinnon, with Gaiman also acting as showrunner.

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