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Dr. 365 Launches Cardiac Ambulances at Juhu and Versova Beaches

by Himanshu Jhunjhunwala

Dr. 365 has launched cardiac ambulances at Juhu and Versova beaches, supported by Cello Foundation, Rotary Club North Island, and Free Press Journal. These ambulances will be operated and maintained by Dr. Dharmendra Kumar of Dr. 365 to provide critical medical assistance in emergencies.

Enhancing Safety at Popular Beaches

Juhu Chowpatty and Versova Beach in Mumbai are major attractions, drawing thousands of visitors daily and even more on weekends and holidays. Unfortunately, incidents of drowning and emergencies are not uncommon. The introduction of fully equipped cardiac ambulances aims to address such emergencies effectively, acting as lifesavers during critical situations.

Launch Event Highlights

At the launch event, Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, Chairman of Dr. 365, addressed the media, highlighting the importance of these ambulances. Chief guest Arun Bhargava, DG Mumbai Rotary 3141, actor-producer-Director Dheeraj Kumar, Cello Foundation Chairman Pradeep Rathod, Free Press Journal Chairman Ashok Karnani, Rotary Club North Island President Mahendra Madhani, and Dr. Dharmendra Kumar were present to inaugurate the ambulances.

Prominent Voices Applaud the Initiative

Actor and producer Dheeraj Kumar expressed his appreciation for the initiative, noting its critical importance in a city where health emergencies can arise unpredictably. “This is a remarkable initiative. Health concerns are paramount, and having 24/7 ambulance service at these beaches is essential. Kudos to Dr. 365 and Rotary Club for this endeavor,” he stated.

Lifesaving Services for the Community

Dr. Dharmendra Kumar emphasized the urgency of the service, recounting an incident where two boys were saved from drowning at Juhu Beach. “Today, two boys were rescued from drowning and were taken to the hospital by rickshaw. These ambulances will be lifesavers, providing immediate care for accidents, emergencies, and cardiac issues. Whether it’s a mishap in the water or a sudden heart attack, these ambulances will offer critical support,” he explained. The ambulances will serve the Juhu, Andheri, and Bandra areas, providing essential emergency services.


The launch of cardiac ambulances at Juhu and Versova beaches by Dr. 365 marks a significant step in enhancing public safety and emergency response. Supported by Cello Foundation, Rotary Club North Island, and Free Press Journal, this initiative ensures that medical aid is readily available, underscoring a strong commitment to community welfare and health.

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