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Why does BTS wear makeup?

by Ratan Srivastava

They’re the boy band behind “Dynamite” as well as “Life Goes On,” among other hits. BTS members do not really mind blurring the lines between masculine and femininity, whether it be through attire or cosmetics.

Here’s all we know about this K-pop trio, including its skincare regimens and if they use cosmetics.

They’re award-winning dancers who are recognised for their daring wardrobe selections and famous movements. On stage and in various music videos, some artists also apply makeup. There are also certain beauty items inspired by all these artists that can be purchased by ARMYs.

Despite they do not always wear makeup, the majority of BTS members do so when recording music videos as well as performing. Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, RM, and V are among them.

Suga wore black hair as well as a scar over his eye in the music video for “Daechwita.” Even while many speculated that it had a meaningful meaning, the rapper explained that it was only for aesthetic purposes.

BTS members frequently alter their hair colour to reflect the themes of their music, in addition to applying makeup. Jimin had pink hair during the “Boy With Luv” era, whereas V had blue locks. For much of a “Dynamite” era, RM, who is famed for his silver hair, wore blue hair.

Members of BTS also wear earrings, rings, coloured contacts, and, inside the case of Jungkook, tattoos. V, the vocalist, wore a neck tattoo inside the music video for “On.”

Aside from hair and makeup, the members of BTS are quite open regarding their skincare as well as skincare secrets. The performers, on the other hand, still get pimples now and again.

As per a translation, Jimin revealed his infatuation with ARMYs after sharing that he had three blemishes on his face throughout one video. Throughout one interview, some other members discussed their skincare procedures in detail.

When in an interview with Allure in 2017, J-Hope revealed, “[In the morning, I use] toner and face cream.” “Toner, essence, acne care, lotion, and cream are the stages at night.”

“Sheet masks are my favourite Korean beauty fad,” Jungkook stated. “Whenever I feel my skin is dry or overexposed to the sun, I try to put them on.” They replenish lost moisture and improve my complexion.”

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