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Who sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ in blues format not in the film?

by Ratan Srivastava
Over the Rainbow

“Over the Rainbow” Is a Message of Hope for a Better Tomorrow. In the 1930s, Americans in the heartland were hit by the Great Depression as well as the Dust Bowl all at once. When the days become gloomy, we Americans, but on the other hand, choose to depend on our ability to persevere in the face of adversity. We search for rainbows and silver linings as storm clouds gather. When the wind picks up, we brace ourselves and lean into it.

Something greater awaits us beyond today’s problems. This song’s message of hope is conveyed in this way. “Over the Rainbow Is Where I Want to Be” was the original song title for “Over the Rainbow.”

The song was written expressly for The Wizard of Oz and was three times cut from the film because executives thought it would be too serious for Dorothy, who was meant to have been a 12-year-old girl. Judy Garland’s vocal teacher as well as an assistant producer, on the other hand, believed in the song and worked hard to get it reinstated.

That was a wise decision. Judy Garland’s hallmark song, “Over the Rainbow,” not only became her signature song but then also earned an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Hundreds of musicians have covered the song inside the years following the film’s release. Doo-wop, R&B, country, rock, heavy metal, and everything in between is all represented. It was also the song that was playing on actor Gene Wilder’s deathbed.

As we look at who sang it best, choose your favourite from among some of the most different and well-known interpretations.

We start with the original version of popular songs that have been sung several times in the “Who Sang It Best?” series. Then we’ll show you a list of competitors, musicians that have produced cover versions of songs in a variety of genres. Some cover versions are reinterpretations of the original artist’s style, while some are tributes.

Dorothy fantasises of fleeing her problems with a soothing sadness. Her thoughts drift to a lullaby about such a dreamland she once heard about. As though her life depended on it, Garland puts her dreams into song lyrics. The song effectively captures everything of a 16-year-old girl’s innocence and sincerity.

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