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Who is the most famous K-pop Idol?

by Ratan Srivastava

The frequency with which a K-pop idol is researched, discussed, and recognized, and outside of the fan groups, can all be used to gauge their success. Although not becoming a fan of a particular band, many people might identify a few musicians every now and then just because of their popularity.

5) Jennie

Kim Jennie of Blackpink is yet another well-known K-pop star. As of July 2021, she has a search index of 281. She is indeed the second-most-followed K-pop idol on Instagram, after only Lisa. Jennie’s Instagram profile presently has over 50.3 million subscribers. She’s not just well-liked by the general population, but she’s also been spotted with a number of high-profile celebs.

4) Lalisa Manoban

Lisa of Blackpink is by far the most famous female K-pop idol within the globe, according to Nubia Magazine.
Lalisa is presently the most popular K-pop artist on Instagram, with 58.3 million followers. She is said to have been Blackpink’s wealthiest member. Lisa is set to make her solo debut after serving as a coach on a Chinese idol competition show.

3) Jimin

Park Jimin of BTS is indeed a fan favourite both between BTS followers and random audiences. BTS Jimin has maintained its position in the K-pop Male Idol Brand Reputation rankings for the 32nd time in a month in August 2021. The statistics are provided by the Korean Business Research Institute. Jimin had an overall score of 6,055,559 points. Jimin being declared the third most-searched-for K-pop idol in the middle of 2021, with such a search service of 409.09. In a Gallup Korean poll, he came in first place for “most popular idol” in both 2018 and 2019.

2) V (Kim Taehyung)

Kim Taehyung, better known by his stage name V, is indeed a great candidate for the title. Taehyung was declared “the most popular member” of BTS by Esquire Philippines earlier in the year and.
Taehyung is indeed the top searched personality on Google in Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. He was perhaps the most Korean artist in Japan for the first halves of 2021.

1) Jungkook

As of July 2021, BTS’ Jungkook has the greatest search index just on the chart, with a score of 600.
Jungkook is among BTS’s most well-known members, but not the most well-known. On Tumblr in 2019, he was perhaps the most started talking K-pop artist. Jungkook’s iconic “Duh” tweet presently has 363.8k responses, making this the most tweet of the year.

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