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Is Blackpink rude? Read details INSIDE

by Ratan Srivastava

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa are several well K-pop stars today. However, given the Blackpink group’s history of success, that’s not unexpected. Their fan base is growing to include people from all over the world. Furthermore, their songs have smashed worldwide records, outperforming other international singers all around the world.

Many people have pondered if the guys of the K-pop group are harsh because of their celebrity and popularity. After that, internet users discussed that on an internet board. Supporters of BLACKPINK, also known as “BLINKS,” debated why all-female K-pop band is the “rudest” of all.

The highest-rated remark indicates that they have been all rude inside the idea that they have been all excellent at their particular abilities and skills.

Cos of her incredible dance abilities, Lisa’s fans think she is nasty. She is said to be able to perform “exceptionally well” everywhere they go.

Due to her voice, they labelled Rosé as “straight rude.” Every moment she sings, they say she can make hearts “tear” and “joy” at the same time. Meanwhile, BLINKS claimed that Jisoo is just as disrespectful as the rest of the members due to her talents and her “beautiful face.” Some even joked that she should quit being so attractive.

BLACKPINK, however, is indeed the “rudest,” according to the fans, as they already have it all, from looks to talents and abilities.

Despite all of their admirers’ praise, an anonymous netizen offered a quick narrative regarding the BLACKPINK debate. According to the story, one of the members is genuinely “rude” in a “b****y” manner.
He added there’s been one K-pop idol who acted appropriately on stage throughout the event. However, upon leaving the stage, this person apparently behaved like a “diva.”
According to reports, Higa inquired on who this symbol was. The guest didn’t say much, but he intimated that the group’s name sounded like “slack drink.” The netizens then stated that it isn’t difficult to deduce that he was referring to a BLACKPINK member.

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