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Who is the goat of rap in 2021?

by Ratan Srivastava
goat of rap

Chance The Rapper has been dubbed the goat of rap by Drake. This assertion has been made by The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Baby. Do they have a point? To be clear, G.O.A.T. is for best of all time, therefore “greatest” when it comes to rappers means talents, longevity, as well as importance. Wayne possesses all of these qualities, as well as many others. Here’s why he’s the greatest of all time.

Many individuals will claim that Wayne’s rhymes are better than everybody else’s, but they will be unable to articulate why. To put it another way, his analogies are the greatest inside the game. After all, “genuine “G”s move in quiet like lasagna,” as he put it. Genius. Weezy is popular among Generation X, Millennials, Gen Y, and Gen Z.

He began his career as just a rapper since he was 12 years old and has been 38 years old. As a result of his longevity, he has influenced successive generations.

When he was pushed into the Cash Money fold as a pre-teen, he dropped his debut album. Soon after, he was kicking that with the Hot Boys as well as collaborating with seasoned pros on songs like “True Story” and “Bling Bling.”

Wayne’s unusual voice contributes to the appeal of his rhymes. When he speaks, you’d assume it came from the lips of an NFL linebacker, despite his height of only 5′ 5″.

Drake and Nicki Minaj, two of the top rappers on the scene, were found by his label, Young Money. Save it for another debate if you really want to dispute about it. Especially now, we’re talking about Wayne as well as his undeniable ability to spot great talent.

How much your music is liked by listeners is determined by record sales, streaming, as well as chart position. Lil’ Wayne released “I Do It” with Big Sean and Lil Baby in February of 2020. This one was his 82nd Top 40 Hot 100 song in his career, surpassing Elvis Presley.

Wayne does not have to put out an album or maybe even a single to stay on top of the charts. His cameo appearances upon that recordings and films of other musicians keep him current. The seven-year gap between both the releases of Tha Carter IV as well as Tha Carter V is evidence of this.

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