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What movies were the string-a-longs music featured in?

by Ratan Srivastava

The String-A-Longs were an instrumental American band from Plainview, Texas, best known for its hit track “Wheels,” which was recorded by Norman Petty and released on Warwick Records. Richard Stephens as well as Jimmy Torres alternated lead guitars, while Keith McCormack played rhythm guitar, Aubrey de Cordova played the bass guitar, and Don Allen played the drums.

They began recording as that of the Rock’s Rollers in Amarillo, Texas, underneath the management of Keith McCormack’s uncle, Johnny Voss. The Ven label released their debut single. They started recording as “The Leen Teens” in Clovis, New Mexico, inside the late 1950s, although Petty proposed the moniker “String-A-Longs.” They had a few singles out before recording “Wheels,” their biggest success.

“Wheels” was released in December 1960 and then became a success the following year. According to Billboard, the song reached number 3 upon that Hot 100 and was also the number 8 single of 1961. The song peaked at number eight on the UK Singles Chart. It received a gold disc for selling almost one million copies.

Warwick Records gave the band very little royalties, as well as when they were sued, they declared bankruptcy to avoid paying more.

[requires citation] Norman Petty and the other songwriters of the track did get royalties.

There were more than hundred cover versions, notably ones by Joe Loss (“Wheels Cha-Cha”) and Billy Vaughn (“Wheels Cha-Cha”).

“Brass Buttons,” “Should I,” and “Replica” were the String-A-Longs’ follow-up songs to “Wheels.” They split in 1961 after moving to Dot Records.

Petty seemed to have the “String-A-Longs” moniker copyrighted, but to prevent confusion with the instrumental Fireballs song as well as the current vocal smash “Bottle Of Wine,” he chose to be used for the Atco LP Wide World Hits in 1968. The String-A-Longs are the Fireballs who are performing the tune.

In 2006, the original lineup was reformed at the Clovis Music Festival.

Keith McCormack, a singer, guitarist, as well as composer, died on April 10, 2015, at the age of 74, after a stroke.

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