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How do celebrities singers collaborate with other singers for music videos?

by Ratan Srivastava
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Being introduced to the audience of celebrities singers is also one of the finest methods for young bands to get new followers. Fans are much more inclined to trust a suggestion from such a band they currently know and appreciate, especially if your target audiences are comparable. Here are a few suggestions on how you might expand your fan base by collaborating with some other artists and bands:

Collaborate on Live Shows with Other Artists & Bands in 21 Ways to Get More Fans Collaborate on Live Shows with A few other Artists & Bands-

Playing shows with other bands is perhaps the easiest and most popular approach to cooperating with them. Here are a few options for working together on gigs:

1. Swap a gig

This is, of course, self-evident. Find other like-minded bands that musical styles complement yours or, better yet, would create a fascinating pairing, providing fans of both bands with a new experience. You may open for each other at separate gigs, which is incredibly useful when the other band is from a different (but close) city. One can trade gigs to assist one another in breaking into new markets.

2. Festival gigs

Whether you’re playing a festival and there was an artist or individuals of a band with whom you’d like to work, why not collaborate on even a song or two to create a unique atmosphere during your festival performance?

I’ve witnessed artists combine on large and small festival stages, and that always results in a memorable performance that attracts attention.

3. Conference showcases

The same concept as festivals, however, if you obtain a slot at a music conference, why not bring in a further artist to work on such a track with you? Just make sure you’ve practised it properly before putting it on stage.

4. Tours

Taking the notion of performing live with yet another band a step further by planning a joint tour. It might be a weekend trip around a few nearby cities or a full-fledged regional or national tour.

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