As his song video Tut Gaya debuts, Shantanu Maheshwari declares that “long-distance relationships do not work”

Shantanu Maheswari, whose recent music video ‘Tut Gaya’ is about a young couple’s long-distance relationship, says that despite technology advancements that allow him to contact loved ones at all times, a long-distance relationship does not work for him.

Ashnoor Kaur, the young actress from ‘Patiala Babes,’ appears in the song video. Stebin Ben sings the song, which was penned by Kunwar Juneja and composed by Gourov Dasgupta.

Shantanu Maheswari said IANS when asked about long-distance relationships: “I think when it comes to relationships, it is not just about talking but feeling the comfort of your loved ones’ a quiet presence So while video chats, SMS, and other forms of communication are fantastic for staying in contact, nothing beats the real thing: holding hands and enjoying a peaceful walk.

“That is why for me, long-distance relationship does not work, especially if I want to convert it into a commitment and marriage. It is not out of sight out of mind, but we want to nurture the love that we have in our heart…long distance does not offer that.”

Adding to that Asnoor said, ” I think it depends on the depth of love you have for the person and that could be anyone. For instance, even though I love rest of my family members, I love my mom the most.

“So when I stay away from home for shooting or other work, after two days, all I want is to run back to her and give a tight hug. It is one of those warmth and physical presence. Of course with video calls, at times we do not feel the absence of our loved ones. But for me, any long-distance relationship, for lovers especially, works only to an extent.”

The music video was shot in Haridwar and Rishikesh, and both of the teenagers commented on how amusing it was to be semi-famous while acting on site.

Shantanu Maheswari said, ” It was funny to act in front of people when the camera is rolling on a live location. Post the release of ‘Gangubai’ people recognised my face more so they would look at me with curiosity but the moment there is a retake, it’s as if they are judging me! But overall it was fun!”

“But for me, it was exciting to shoot the video because we shot it almost like a film and our director Aditya Vinay Datt worked on our character with great detail,” added Ashnoor.

‘Tut Gaya,’ produced by Saregama Music, was published on Saregama’s YouTube channel as well as all music streaming platforms.

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