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Who was considered the scariest actor to work with?

by Ratan Srivastava
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It is necessary for everyone to begin somewhere. Commercials, scariest actor, TV shows, and, in this case, horror films all fall into this category. It’s amusing to look at some of Hollywood’s top celebrities and discover where their acting careers began in horror films. Many of the films on this list were not particularly good, as you can see. However, it isn’t always the fault of these accomplished performers. They simply follow the script’s instructions.

All of the people on this list have become well-known in the celebrity world, with some even being Oscar nominations and winners. Here are five well-known actors who began their careers in horror films.

Paul Rudd – Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers

The adorable Paul Rudd would begin his career by appearing inside the critically panned Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers before becoming America’s love. This fifth instalment inside the long-running franchise was indeed a logistical headache, and so it shows inside the final product.

Nonetheless, Rudd’s strange and unusual performance as Tommy Doyle makes this film watchable. Tommy was indeed the boy in the first Halloween, that he’s become fascinated with Michael Myers as well as the mysterious “Cult of Thorn” in the years following. Whereas this film was a flop, Rudd would go on to star in Clueless later that year.

Kevin Bacon – Friday The 13th

That’s the most well-known of the entries on just this list. Kevin Bacon made his cinematic debut as a camp counsellor in the original Friday the 13th.

His character is widely known for having one of its finest killings in the series. A hand holds his head as he lies in bed, and an arrow slowly rises up through his neck. It’s a brutal and gory death made even more so by Tom Savini’s fantastic practical effects. Four years later, inside the film Footloose, Bacon would become a household name.

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