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Top-rated Priyanka Chopra Movies as per the IMDb – Take a look

by Ratan Srivastava
Priyanka Chopra Movies

Priyanka Chopra has lately gained international recognition for her roles in The White Tiger and the forthcoming Matrix 4. Her finest roles, according to IMDb, are listed below. Priyanka Chopra isn’t any longer a secret to moviegoers around the globe. This former Miss World as well as a top Bollywood performer has made a name about herself in foreign films and tv shows over the last few years, establishing a space for herself in the global arena. Take a look at the top-rated Priyanka Chopra movies.

Chopra has appeared in films in a variety of languages, spanning Hindi, Tamil, and English, although her resume includes films that blur the lines between popular and quirky. Chopra has worn several hats out over years, including those of a real-life boxing champion, a prominent entrepreneur coping with his troubled relationships, a supermodel, and a young lady trying hard to make it in Mumbai’s slums. She would also be featured in the forthcoming Matrix 4 and made appearances inside the Netflix Original The White Tiger, which garnered an Oscar nomination.

Take a look-

5. Don 2 (7.2)

That’s the smash blockbuster prequel to Don, that concluded her Roma discovering that now the guy she has adored as Vijay were actually his don all along, manipulating her and virtually all others. Don 2 opens with each and every significant law enforcement agency inside the globe pursuing the don, who has since become worldwide in his criminal activities. Roma has still been enraged at being played for just a fool, but she is now a cop who is hell-bent on apprehending the don. And she’s trapped inside a web of intrigues once more, and she’s eventually seduced either by the man she despises so much.

4. Bajirao Mastani (7.2)

The love storey of Peshwa Baji Rao as well as the unearthly gorgeous Marathi barbarian warrior Mastani is told inside this epic tale. Priyanka portrays Kashibai, the Peshwa’s first spouse, who was distraught as Mastani appears in court, professing to just be his wife.

Priyanka Chopra plays the elegant Kashibai, who is madly in love with a man yet eventually embraces Mastani. As she pleads for Mastani to also be reunited again with Bajirao, she shows its most courage, believing that seeing her would save Bairao’s life once he is gravely wounded in combat.

3. Kaminey (7.4)

Priyanka Chopra Movies

As in the dark underbelly of Mumbai’s underground, Priyanka portrays Sweety, a girl stuck among two twins, Charlie as well as Guddu. She’s a rogue who tries everything she can to protect Guddu, whose she adores, from danger.

Priyanka was cast in a minor part in this hard-hitting drama, yet she demonstrated her value as an actress capable of taking on powerful roles.

2. The Sky Is Pink (7.6)

Priyanka Chopra Movies

This touching film, based on true events, chronicled the shortened life of Aisha Chaudhury, a teenage novelist who died in 2015 just at age of eighteen after years of pain with pulmonary fibrosis and Severe Combined Immunodeficiency.
Priyanka portrayed Aditi, Aisha’s mom, a devoted mom that tries anything she can to preserve his daughter going and make their living simpler. The film was praised because of its delicate treatment of a highly sensitive subject.

1. Barfi (8.1)

Priyanka Chopra Movies

This film is a lovely narrative of young Murphy, or “Barfi,” as he traverses the complicated affections of two girls, Jhilmil and Shruti. It is regarded as one of Priyanka Chopra’s greatest performances yet.

Barfi is indeed a lively and inquisitive creature that is unable to listen or talk. He finds love with Shruti, who returns his feelings, but even then Jhilmil appears, and Barfi feels him bonding to her in a new way. Priyanka Chopra movies portray Jhilmil, an autistic young girl who is just as compassionate and passionately possessive of a guy she adores, and she gives a stunning performance.

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