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Saajan Ka Ghar: Tap to know about this Rishi Kapoor and Juhi Chawla film

by Ratan Srivastava
Saajan Ka Ghar

Surendra Kumar Bohra directed the Indian Hindi movie Saajan Ka Ghar in 1994. Juhi Chawla as well as Rishi Kapoor play key parts in the film. Juhi’s personality is important to the entire movie. Inside the movie, Juhi has indeed demonstrated her acting abilities. The movie’s most famous songs include Sawan Aayea Badal Chaaye and Babul De Do Duaa. The film is a replica of the Rajasthani film Bai Chali Sasariye, which was released in 1988.

Talking about the plot of this movie – Saajan Ka Ghar

Dhanraj (Anupam Kher) is just a poor yet ruthless guy whose wife passes away while giving birth to a daughter Laxmi (Juhi Chawla). Dhanraj despises his daughter and holds her responsible for his wife’s death. Dhanraj wins a large jackpot just before Laxmi is born, then he becomes immensely wealthy. Dhanraj refused to even gaze at Laxmi, thus she is nurtured by her aunt. He settles again and also has a son named Suraj (Deepak Tijori). Despite the fact that Laxmi is mistreated by her father and stepmother, she remains close to her half-brother Suraj. Laxmi, according to her father and stepmother, brings ill luck. Suraj opposes and does everything he can to protect his sister against their brutality.

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, despite his mother’s warnings to keep away from Laxmi, he visits his sister to collect a rakhi. He is subsequently involved in an accident, and one of his limbs is severed as a result. His mother accuses Laxmi of being the cause of his father’s death and beats the living daylights out of her. Laxmi’s father and stepmother plan for her marriage to army soldier Amar (Rishi Kapoor). Soon afterwards Laxmi’s marriage, Dhanraj died in an accident. His wife and kid are made to evacuate their home after losing their home. Meanwhile, Laxmi, who can’t seem to get a break, experiences a miscarriage. The doctor informs Amar that if Laxmi becomes pregnant once more and takes the pregnancies to term, she would die.

Amar chooses to keep this a secret from everyone, even Laxmi, in order to save her the pain. When Laxmi fails to conceive after recuperating from the miscarriage, Amar’s mother begins plotting her death. She realises that Laxmi will most likely be unable to have children and takes the most obvious method of action: murder. But, before Laxmi can follow out her plan, she overhears Amar discussing the miscarriage and its consequences. She chooses to behave a child despite the fact that it would kill her. She teases Amar, who is so enraged that he forgets his wife would die if she becomes pregnant. He decides to spend the night with her. He is afterwards shocked by whatever he has done.

Rather than visiting the doctor or persuading her to have an abortion, he reports for duty. Amar’s mom kicks Laxmi out of the home when he is away. Laxmi goes to the village to work and rests inside a barn. She had a newborn son on her own and delivers him to her mother-in-law. Amar arrives home back just in time to witness Laxmi’s last moments. Laxmi’s family gathers surrounding her funeral pyre, wishes they have nurtured her differently.

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