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Lootcase: All you should know about this Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Lootcase is a Hindi-language black comedy film written and directed by Rajesh Krishnan, who also has helmed the online series TVF Tripling. It will be released in 2020. Fox Star Studios is producing and financing the movie. Kunal Khemu and Rasika Dugal star in the major roles, with Vijay Raaz, Ranvir Shorey, and Gajraj Rao providing assistance. A red suitcase (Joy Bagman/ Anand Petikar) is essential to the storey. The film was supposed to be released in theatres on April 10, 2020, however, it was delayed because to the COVID-19 epidemic. It was published on Disney+ Hotstar on July 31, 2020.

Nandan Kumar, a middle-class guy who works at such a printing press and lives inside a chawl alongside his mocking wife Lata and son Ayush, does not believe in fate. Nandan’s family is attempting to balance their goals and desires with their financial realities.

MLA Patil tries to transfer Rs. 10 crores to another ministry, as well as a dossier holding proof of widespread corruption. To carry out this mission, he blackmails local criminal Omar, who has his men hide the money in a red suitcase. Omar’s men are attacked by the henchmen of rival criminal Bala Rathore while delivering the money.
During the gunfight, Patil’s men hide the bag in the hopes of recovering it later.

Nandan, on the other hand, comes upon it by chance and, seeing that it is full of money, intends to take it home and conceal this in his neighbour’s house when his neighbour (an elderly guy) left to his village and handed him (Nandan) the keys while he was gone. When Bala and Patil realise the bag (and the paperwork) is missing, they dispatch their respective men to track it down. Patil also blackmails police officer Kolte and enlists his help in retrieving the luggage.

Kolte and his informant Faizu try to learn much more about gunfights, however, the adjacent CCTV cameras aren’t working. However, Nandan spends the money upon his family although keeping Lata inside the dark about where the money comes from.

Nandan takes a portion of the money out of the bag, splits this into various packets, then hides these throughout the home, one was in his office drawer. Kolte is able to witness Nandan fleeing the area in an auto-rickshaw thanks to the activation of one CCTV camera. In the meanwhile, Nandan is preoccupied with keeping his money concealed from his neighbours and Lata. He tries to buy a nice condominium in order to spend his money, only to discover that they do not take cash payments.

From the CCTV tape, Kolte recognises the auto-rickshaw driver and therefore is able to recognize Nandan (the driver had seen Nandan’s debit card containing his name and bank details).

Nandan goes to his bank to inquire about a cash-counting machine, but the cashiers laugh him off. Paranoid and panicking, he makes a scene and leaves. When Kolte is investigating at the same bank, the cashiers tell him about Nandan’s suspicious behaviour and provide him Nandan’s address. Kolte arrives at his home just as Lata finds the hidden suitcase in the kitchen. Kolte holds the family at gunpoint and demands the money back and Nandan complies. Kolte finds out about the packet in the office and takes Nandan to retrieve it. Bala’s men report this to their boss, and Bala and Patil join hands to kill Kolte and recover the money. The Lootcase movie is just phenomenol.

When Kolte and Nandan arrive at the office, Kolte sends Nandan inside to retrieve the money; however, as soon as Nandan departs, Bala’s men attack Kolte. He manages to flee and discovers Patil’s file; realising the significance of the information, he proceeds to blackmail Patil. Meanwhile, Nandan’s effort to collect the package is thwarted by his inebriated employer. Kolte tells him to meet him at a hidden warehouse. Nandan makes it to the warehouse, but Bala and Omar ambush it with their respective troops. Nandan is the sole survivor of the ensuing firefight. He chooses to take the money at the warehouse but leaves the file since he hasn’t learned his lesson about greed.

Patil’s political career is gone if the content of the file are revealed. He returns to his hamlet and begins farming, but Omar’s soldiers find him and murder him.

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