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Krishna: All you should know about this Hindi action movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Sunil Shetty, Karishma Kapoor, Om Puri, Shakti Kapoor, Tinnu Anand, and Kulbhushan Kharbanda feature in Krishna, a 1996 Hindi action movie directed by Deepak Shivdasani as well as featuring Sunil Shetty, Karishma Kapoor, Om Puri, Shakti Kapoor, Tinnu Anand, and Kulbhushan Kharbanda. At the box office, the picture was a mediocre success. The movie’s music was also well-received, with hit songs like “Jhanjariya” among them. The film was produced by the 1981 movie Meri Aawaz Suno, starring Jeetendra and Hema Malini, which was a remake of the Kannada movie Antha (1981).

Krishna (Sunil Shetty) is a rising star in the criminal underground, and his exploits pique the interest of Raja (Shakti Kapoor), the heir to a deceased underworld don.

Raja is forced to be at the mercy of another don, Bhujang Rao, called Bhau (Mohan Joshi). Raja despises Bhujang’s demeanour and gives his hand to Krishna, who accepts the gesture. Bhau tries to persuade Krishna to join his group in exchange for a better future, however, Krishna refuses and stays with Raja. Rashmi (Karisma Kapoor), a club dancer, is mourning the death of Sunil, her true love. Sunil, Krishna’s doppelganger, was indeed a pilot that died while undergoing training. Rashmi is adamant that Sunil would return, and she refuses to admit it.

Rashmi bumps into Krishna during a performance and is overjoyed to see him. Krishna is adamant that he is not Sunil. She only departs broken-hearted and depressed when she notices that a tattoo with Rashmi’s name, which was meant to be on Sunil’s arm, is gone from Krishna’s arm. However, several thugs attempt to rape her, and Krishna saves her. Krishna admits that he is Sunil and continues to speak the truth. He discloses that his teacher was in fact working as a go-between for a group of crooks. Sunil was compelled to land in an abandoned location to meet the crooks.

Cobra (Tinnu Anand), a well-known underworld figure, was one of the criminals. Sunil’s instructor was killed when the deal went wrong. Sunil had managed to survive despite the fact that no one had glimpsed his appearance. Minister Amar Prabhakar (Om Puri) bailed him out when he was falsely detained as a suspect. Amar advised him that if he wanted to live, he needed to eliminate any potential threats. So, Sunil got booked under another name – Krishna. Meanwhile, Cobra returns to India again. It is disclosed so both Bhau, as well as Raja, are all on his payroll.

Cobra determines that Raja will be the de facto boss of his Indian operations. Raja informs him about Krishna’s existence.

When Cobra and Sunil reunite, Cobra thinks that Krishna has indeed been spotted elsewhere. Sunil is well aware the Cobra may identify him, and he has gone too far with this. Raja visits a brothel later, where Sunil is surprised to see his sister performing. His sister is also taken aback when she sees him and commits suicide on the spot. Sunil gets to know from some other dancer that many of the dancers have the same storey to share – a guy came in one‘s living pretending to become a well to be doing person, married them, as well as sold them, in which they were raped before eventually end up in this.

He understands that the guy to whom he handed his sister is to blame for the deaths of many young women.

The dancer also informs him how he maintains a list of the individuals to those he has sold the females, mostly videotapes, in an attempt to blackmail people. Sunil accosts the guy inside a fit of fury, but he dies. Sunil is dealt yet another setback when he hears of his mother’s death. Amar conceals the realities and gives Sunil’s mother the proper cremation she deserves. Sunil also discovers that Amar’s eldest daughter has indeed been kidnapped, and also that Cobra does have the recording that might reveal his sister’s rapist’s name.

Sunil resolves to end everything after learning about Cobra’s second arrangement involving Bhau and Raja. The culprits are slaughtered in a bloodbath.

Sunil discovers the recording and learns the shocking news that his sister was raped by everyone except Amar. It is shown that Amar’s daughter wasn’t really kidnapped; rather, that was a ruse to gain public sympathy ahead of the next elections. Nevertheless, Amar discovers the scam and gets the Commissioner (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) apprehended. Amar is making a speech that day when a furious Sunil shows up. He arrives at Amar’s house. Sunil is saved from being brought down by the Commissioner, who somehow managed to escape.

He begs Sunil to hand up control to the cops. Sunil takes a false Sudarshan Chakra from such an idol of Lord Krishna as well as beheads Amar with it, allowing Amar to flee and take advantage of the opportunity. Sunil surrenders now that Amar is dead.

All of the tracks were written by Nida Fazli, Anwar Sagar, Anand Raaj Anand, and Madan Pal, with lyrics by Nida Fazli, Anwar Sagar, Anand Raaj Anand, and Madan Pal. The song “Jhanjariya” was adapted from Anand Raaj Anand’s album “Babu Tiptop.”

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