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Koi Aap Sa: All you need to know about this Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Koi Aap Sa

Partho Mitra helmed Koi Aap Sa, a 2005 Bollywood Hindi romantic movie. Aftab Shivdasani, Dipannita Sharma, and Anita Hassanandani play important parts in the film. This was published on October 14, 2005.

Talking about the plot of the Bollywood movie, ‘Koi Aap Sa’ – Simi and Rohan were schoolmates. Rohan likes a girl from college named Preeti and Simi helps bring Rohan and Preeti closer. However, Preeti feels uneasy, nervous and envious; since she believes Rohan and Simi’s friendship is standing in the way. Preeti learns about Vicky is Simi’s fiancé and as their engagement celebration is tomorrow when Simi’s fiancé Vicky arrives with their good buddy Ranjit.

Simi performs alongside Vicky during the engagement reception, while Rohan dances opposite Preeti. Vicky leaves for a work trip just after the engagements celebration, while Rohan, Simi, as well as Preeti, attend parties. While Rohan and Preeti are partying there at the celebration, Ranjit made a visit to Simi, explaining that he’s on her way to the airport but wanted to offer Simi a present prior he went because her family had taken such good care of him throughout his vacation to India.

Ranjit claims that he forgot the present inside the cab and convinces Simi to accompany him towards the cab to retrieve it. Nevertheless, while they can get to the taxi, Ranjit drags Simi into the spare bedroom and assaults her mercilessly. Simi calls out Rohan’s name, but it’s too late by the time Rohan arrives.

Rohan pursues Ranjit’s taxi, but his cab is involved in an accident, and Ranjit dies as a result. Simi chooses to keep it a secret from Vicky, preferring to inform him individually. Simi is already on the telephone and Rohan while driving to pick Vicky up at the airport suddenly experiences an accident. There at the hospital, the Doctor informed Rohan about Simi is pregnant therefore abortion shouldn’t really be contemplated as it is highly hazardous, that Vicky mishears. Simi’s mom and dad as well as Vicky criticise Rohan, and Vicky keeps calling off of the engagement or rather leaves because no one chooses to believe her once she claims Ranjit sexually assaulted her.

To save Simi from embarrassment, Rohan decides to accept her and the baby and proposes to her. Vicky reappears whilst the wedding approaches and Simi is significantly pregnant. Simi chooses to give him another opportunity when he realises he was wrong. Rohan appears to be pleased for Simi, and he’s really devastated since he obviously loves Simi. Simi admits to Vicky during Rohan’s football game that they’ll be simply appearing to be a relationship such that Rohan, as well as Preeti, can reunite. Preeti walks in and informs Simi how Rohan is madly in love with her and only her.

Simi experiences labour symptoms at about this moment, and that everyone hurries her towards the hospital. Simi gave birth to a girl, but when the nurse inquires about the father, she answers Rohan. Simi, as well as Rohan, are reunited after that.

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